Does Daisuke have a wife?

Does Daisuke have a wife?

1. Daisuke and Suzue are NOT engaged in the novel. 2. Daisuke and Suzue are NOT married in the novel.

What is Suzue to Daisuke?

Regardless, we still don’t know what type of relative Suzue is to Daisuke in the anime. It was never clarified. She could be a cousin, distant cousin, entered into the Kambe by marriage or adopted into the family.

What is Suzue and Daisuke relationship?

Suzue is Daisuke’s relative. Most of the context of their relationship is currently unknown, however, they live with one another in their mansion and seem to be on relatively good terms. Daisuke acknowledges Suzue’s many talents and does not get in the way of her projects.

Who is Daisuke shipped with?

DaiHaru is the slash ship between Daisuke Kambe and Haru Kato from the Fugou Keiji: Balance UNLIMITED fandom.

Does Suzue like Haru?

Haru seems to have a crush on Suzue, but backs off after assuming that she is Daisuke’s wife. Haru is delighted upon learning that she is not.

Are Daisuke and Haru dating?

Millionaire Detective’s Daisuke and Haru have a platonic relationship, but Boys Love fans initially mistook it for something more.

Does Daisuke marry Suzue?

Ending 1: Daisuke continues to be a great cop in Division 1. He realises his feelings for Suzue and proposes to her, to which she accepts to marry him.

Is Haru and Daisuke married?

Katou Haru and Kambe Daisuke are now legally married.

Who is kambe Daisuke wife?

Suzue Kambe | Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited Wiki | Fandom.

Is Haru Kato married?

Who is Suzue?

Suzue Kambe (神戸鈴江, Kanbe Suzue) is a supporting character in Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited. Suzue Kambe first appeared during Haru Kato and Daisuke Kambe’s stakeout. At first, her identity was unknown and she was only seen as Yuta Isezaki’s favorite.

Are Daisuke and Haru married?