Does Lurch say you rang?

Does Lurch say you rang?

He got along well with the hosts, and he even obliged when Shaq asked him to say “you rang.” Lurch was a servant to the Addams family and was portrayed on the popular TV show “The Addams Family” by Ted Cassidy, who made “you rang” a catchphrase.

What did Lurch always say?

During the 2018-2019 NBA season, analyst and former player Shaquille O’Neal began using Lurch’s catchphrase “You Rang” to refer to Philadelphia 76ers backup center Boban Marjanovic, due to a perceived physical resemblance between Marjanovic and Lurch.

Who is famous for saying you rang?

This line is spoken by Lurch, played by Ted Cassidy, in the TV show The Addams Family (1964).

What lurched means?

1 : an abrupt jerking, swaying, or tipping movement the car moved forward with a lurch also : stagger sense 2. 2 : a sudden roll of a ship to one side.

Is Lurch a zombie?

Lurch is like Frankensteins monster. Reanimated deliberately by a creator. Zombie-like in that he WAS dead but now walks, but different; that’s bit a virus, he craves no brains, and he was created with purpose. Zombies don’t have to be virusly animated…

What kind of monster is Lurch?

Lurch is a tall, shambling, lugubrious butler who somewhat resembles Frankenstein’s monster and on film has a deep, resonant voice. In his first appearance in a cartoon by Charles Addams he had a black beard, but in later incarnations he was clean-shaven.

What is meaning of skittered?

1a : to glide or skip lightly or quickly. b : to move in or as in a jittery or jerky way leaves skittering over the sidewalk. 2 : to twitch the hook of a fishing line through or along the surface of water.

How do you use lurched in a sentence?

How to use Lurched in a sentence

  1. He lurched his heavy body forward out of the recliner.
  2. Our dog spotted a rabbit crossing his driveway and lurched forward to give chase, tangling me in his leash as I answered.
  3. His stomach lurched, but he forced himself to calm.

Is Gomez an Addams Latino?

Like the other members of the family, Gomez’s personality became largely codified by the television series. He is depicted as being of Castilian extraction and Spanish ancestry, which was first brought up in “Art and the Addams Family” on December 18, 1964.

Is Lurch hot?

I squinted a little bit more, and then a little more, and then it hit me; Lurch isn’t only kind of hot, he’s definitely hot… in a brooding, goth sort of way. Lurch is the undercover babe, especially as the seasons progress and we get to see more of his personality.