Does Netflix have war documentaries?

Does Netflix have war documentaries?

If you want to watch the best war documentaries ever made, look no further than Netflix. Netflix has lots of great documentaries to watch. Whether you like biographies, science, music documentaries, or history, there is something for everyone. But Netflix really excels with its choice of war documentaries.

Are there any documentaries on Afghanistan?

The Emmy® and Peabody winning creators and executive producers of HOMELAND, Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, team up with Emmy® winning director Greg Barker for this documentary feature, which unpacks the human stories and drama behind America’s involvement in Afghanistan, now the longest war in U.S. history.

Are there any ww1 documentaries on Netflix?

This moving documentary brings World War I to life for new generations through eyewitness accounts and vividly restored and colorized footage.

What happened to Restrepo?

Juan Sebastián Restrepo (October 7, 1986 – July 22, 2007) was a Colombian American soldier and medic. Restrepo was killed in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan, of neck wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit using small-arms fire.

Is Restrepo real footage?

As it happens, Restrepo is a nonpartisan documentary, a stripped-down look at the soldiers Junger and Hetherington followed as their unit — Battle Company, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment of the 173rd Airborne — took and built the position it held, at no small cost, for the better part of a year.

What is the longest US war?

the war in Afghanistan
FOR THE UNITED STATES, the war in Afghanistan was the most protracted war in history—longer than World War I, World War II, and Vietnam combined.

What is the best World War One documentary?

The best WWI documentary series ever shown on television look at both the battles and the people caught up in the conflict….The Best WWI Television Documentaries

  1. The Great War.
  2. The First World War.
  3. Long Shadow.
  4. The War That Changed Us.
  5. World War One.
  6. The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century.

Is there any documentary on World War 1?

“They Shall Not Grow Old,” a film by award-winning director and producer Peter Jackson brings more vivid life to the Great War – and the soldiers who fought in it.

What is the best war documentary on TV?

Top 100 Best War Documentaries Of All Time. 1. The Vietnam War (2017) TV-MA | 990 min | Documentary, History, War. 2. The Civil War (1990) 3. The World at War (1973–1974) 4. World War II in Colour (2009) 5. Battlefield (1995– )

What are some of the best documentaries about Iraq?

The Internationally Multi-Award Winning Feaure In the Shadow of the Palms is the Only documentary filmed in Iraq prior to, during, and after the fall of Saddam Hussein. It documents the See full summary » 31. Mission Afghanistan (2012 TV Movie)

How much did the Vietnam War documentary cost to make?

A startling and courageous landmark documentary that unflinchingly confronted the United States’ involvement in Vietnam at the height of the controversy that surrounded it. Votes: 5,563 | Gross: $0.03M

What are some of the best documentaries about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Occupation 101 (2006) Error: please try again. A thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and U.S. political involvement. 20. Vietnam in HD (2011– )