Does One Direction have a biography?

Does One Direction have a biography?

For the first time EVER, global superstars One Direction are releasing their 100% official autobiography, offering a new, intimate insight into their lives as never before seen or heard! In their first in-depth autobiography, pop sensations Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis tell the story of their lives.

Who did 1D date in 2013?

His fellow 1D dad, Payne, also went through some ups and downs in his romantic life. The “Strip That Down” singer dated his childhood friend Sophia Smith from 2013 to 2015.

What are some facts about one direction?

The Payne Who Prevents Pain

  • Going Their Own Directions All five Directioners currently have successful solo projects; Horan,Styles,and Malik had fantastic album sales,and Payne and Tomlinson each had hit singles.
  • What Came Next Malik released his solo album,Mind of Mine,in January 2016,less than a year after leaving One Direction.
  • What is the history of one direction?

    When did One Direction form? The precise date One Direction were formed was July 23, 2010. They originally auditioned for the series of The X Factor Facing judges Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, Louis Walsh, and Cheryl Cole. Regardless of the solo listeners initially not creating it into bootcamp, they were brought back and put into a bunch.

    Why Zayn Malik left one direction?

    The ‘Flames’ hitmaker, who has just split from girlfriend Gigi Hadid, announced on March 25, 2015, that he would be leaving the band. At the time the boys were on their ‘On the Road Again Tour’ and he pulled out two months in due to stress and anxiety, according to his rep at the time. One Direction were together from 2010-2016. Picture: PA

    Why does Zayn Malik leave one direction?

    Zayn, who said he doesn’t know if he will ever return, did put those rumors to rest that he and fiancée Perrie Edwards have split after cheating accusations, telling The Sun that she’s a “good girl” and also supports his decision. So what’s next for Zayn?