Does Rokinon make good lenses?

Does Rokinon make good lenses?

Image quality is fine. On most, if not all their lenses, the low price is largely because the lenses are manual focus only. Build quality is generally not that high and they are not built for rough handling.

Where is Rokinon made?

South Korea
Regardless of whose name is on the lens barrel, since 1972 they’ve all been designed and manufactured by Samyang Optical Company, in South Korea.

Do Rokinon lenses have autofocus?

Featuring weatherproof, all-metal construction, Rokinon’s autofocus ultra-wide contains 15 elements in 10 groups including dual Ultra Multi-Coated aspheric elements, a single extra-low dispersion element, and four HRI elements.

Are Rokinon lenses good for Canon?

Rokinon Cine DS Overview The included lenses feature Canon EF lens mounts and cover full-frame sensors. The lenses are suitable for shooting using available light, and as they all share the same exposure range, there is no worry when changing lenses you will also have to change your lighting or camera settings.

What makes a cinema lens?

Unlike other lenses, cine lenses don’t just control the aperture. Cine lenses have iris rings with T-stop markings (as opposed to f-stops) that give you the exact measure of the amount of light that actually passes through the lens, instead of how wide the lens opening is.

Are cine lenses worth it?

There are two key advantages of choosing cine lenses: Consistency and mechanics, which together generate a more precise, characteristic and better image. SLR lenses are very fiddly and rigid when pulling focus, particularly when the camera or subject moves.

What is the difference between T stop and f stop?

F-stop is measured by the size of the opening at the front of the lens. A t-stop is a little trickier to measure since it is how much light, having passed through the aperture and through the elements in the lens, actually gets to your sensor. You do lose some light along the way.

Are all Rokinon lenses full frame?

The included lenses feature Canon EF lens mounts and cover full-frame sensors….Rokinon 50mm T1.5 AS UMC Cine DS Lens for Canon EF Mount Specs.

Focal Length 50mm
Lens Mount Canon EF
Lens Format Coverage Full Frame
Maximum Aperture T1.5

What mount are Rokinon lenses?

Canon EF Mount
Rokinon 24mm T1. The lens comes in a Canon EF Mount and features industry standard geared focus and iris rings that share common position with other Rokinon Cine DS lenses. To aid focus pullers who have to work both sides of the lens, the aperture and focus scales are marked on both sides of the lens.

Is Rokinon compatible with Canon?

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Brand Rokinon
Lens Type Wide Angle
Compatible Mountings Canon EF
Camera Lens Description 35 millimetres
Maximum Focal Length 35 Millimeters

Is Sigma owned by Sony?

Sigma products work with cameras from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, as well as their own cameras. Sigma has also made lenses under the Quantaray name, which have been sold exclusively by Ritz Camera….Sigma Corporation.

Native name 株式会社シグマ
Website Official website
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What lenses do cinematographers use?

A film lens, also known as a cine lens or cinema lens, is a high-end camera lens for cinema cameras or video camcorders that filmmakers, cinematographers, and videographers use to make film and digital projects.