How big does an Abelia grandiflora get?

How big does an Abelia grandiflora get?

Abelia Grandiflora is an evergreen small shrub reaching 2mt x2mt, with shiny foliage that turns a bronze shade in early autumn to winter.

Is Abelia grandiflora fast growing?

An Abelia grandiflora hedge can be maintained anywhere between 60 and 150cm, with some early formative pruning (by trimming the sides) a bushy hedge can be produced within a few seasons due to the moderate/fast growth rate of 40-60cm per year.

How big does an abelia get?

Mature Size The glossy abelia grows to a height of 3–6′ and a spread of 3–6′ at maturity.

Is Abelia grandiflora invasive?

If you are looking for a shrub that will keep blooming through the end of summer when most other plants have waved the white flag, consider the abelia. Though not native, it does not exhibit invasive properties. It is deer, pest, and disease resistant. It attracts many different pollinators.

Can Abelia be cut back hard?

If you must rehabilitate a badly overgrown Abelia, you may choose to cut all stems to the ground in late winter before new spring growth begins. Abelia will generally accept severe pruning and regain its normal height within several years.

How do you take care of Abelia grandiflora?

Abelias prefer full sun or partial shade areas. They will grow best in soil that is slightly acidic and drains well. You can also add organic compost or mulch to increase the acidity in the soil. Dig a hole as deep as the roots and twice as wide.

How do you take care of abelia grandiflora?

Which is the best Abelia?

glossy abelia This cross between two Chinese species is the best known and most popular of the abelias. To 8 feet or taller, spreading to 5 feet or wider. Flowers white or faintly tinged pink.

Which is the most fragrant Abelia?

Sweet Emotion abelia
Sweet Emotion abelia is just the shrub to kickstart your heart – and your landscape. It’s the hardiest abelia yet, growing where no abelia could grow before: in chilly USDA zone 4. It’s also the most fragrant of any abelia, with white and pink spring blooms that perfume the air with the scent of jasmine.