How can I check my Karachi result?

How can I check my Karachi result?

You can check your BSEK Karachi Matric Results online from our page once it is officially announced. Find Matric Part 1 & Part 2 Result 2021 of Karachi Board (BSEK online of regular and private students on as result officially announced.

What is HSC part1?

The HSC Part 1 General Science Results BIEK Karachi gives certificates to the successful candidates who appeared in the examinations. The Board conducts examination on annual basis for regular, private, and supplementary disciplines.

How can I check my Karachi Board SMS result?

Check your Result on SMS By Sending Message BSEK (Roll Number) on 8583.

How can I get duplicate matric certificate in Karachi?

Step 1: Download the verification form from the official Board of Secondary Education, Karachi website. Step 2: Visit BSEK between 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM with the duly filled form, two copies of the mark sheet, a copy of your CNIC, and verification fee.

How can I get my intermediate certificate Karachi?


  1. Most Recent Passport Size Photograph.
  2. Passing Admit Card of H.S.C. Part-II (Original).
  3. Enrollment card of H.S.C.
  4. Registration Card, in case of Private Candidate (Original).
  5. Photocopy of S.S.C.
  6. Photocopy of H.S.C.
  7. Photocopy of C.N.I.C.

What are the total marks of HSC?

HSC Weightage is determined based on 1100 marks, then huffaz marks are added or late HSC marks are deducted.

What is the total marks of FSC?

The total marks of FSC Pre-Engineering are 1100 (550 for Part-I and 550 for Part-II).

How can I get duplicate intermediate Marksheet in Karachi?

Requirements to get duplicate marksheet from Karachi University

  1. Marksheet Form.
  2. Photocopy of previous Marksheet (If any)
  3. Photocopy of Enrollment/Registration Card.
  4. Photocopy of Admit Card.
  5. An authorization letter from you in the name of our Case Manager.

What is intermediate certificate?

The intermediate certificate is a certificate that was issued as a dividing layer between the Certificate Authority and the end user’s certificate. It serves as a verification device that tells a browser that a certificate was issued on a safe, valid source, the CA’s root certificate.

What is intermediate certificate Pakistan?

The Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC), also known as Intermediate, is a public examination taken by the students of Higher Secondary School or Intermediate college (Junior college) in Pakistan.

How many marks is the first year?

Whereas Practical marks are intended as that 50% marks are agreed to each student, 50% marks will be specified as per percentages of theory marks. Through effect from 1996, the Punjab Boards will grasp the Intermediate Examination Part-wise under the Part System….Total Marks of 1st Year FA, FSc, ICS, ICOM Part 1.

Board Punjab All boards
Result Type Annual
Year 2022

What is the total marks of FSc Part 1?

The total marks are 550.

What is FSC pre medical?

What is FSC Pre-Medical? It is an intermediate program that comes after matriculation. The word FSC stands for Faculty of Sciences which is a two-year pre-medical course offered almost in all colleges. FSC is the first step towards the medical field for those who aim to become a Doctor.

How many marks are required for pre medical?

Student must have passed matriculation level in science subjects (Physics, chemistry, biology) with at least 70% marks from a recognized institute.