How can I check my PF balance online?

How can I check my PF balance online?

You can also check your account balance on the EPFO website.

  1. On the EPFO website, go to the employee section and click on ‘Member Passbook. ‘
  2. Use your UAN and password to log in.
  3. The PF passbook will then appear, together with the PF interest earned.

How can I know my PF balance in mobile?

Members registered on the UAN portal may get their details available with EPFO by giving a missed call to 011-22901406 from their registered Mobile number. If the UAN of the member is seeded with any one of the Bank A/C number, AADHAAR and PAN the member will get details of last contribution and PF Balance.

How can I check my PF balance with UAN number?

The EPFO member can now simply send an SMS to 7738299899 to check the EPF balance and last contribution amount. The SMS must be sent in the ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG’ format. To elaborate, if the EPF balance UAN number is 123456, and the language of preference is English, then the SMS to be sent is “EPFOHO 123456 ENG”.

How can I know my PF balance without mobile number and password?

Step 1: Go to PF passbook portal website and login with your UAN and password. Step 2: Now select the PF account for which you want to check your PF balance and click on view PF passbook old.

How can I check my PF balance by SMS?

To check your PF balance via SMS, all you need to do is send SMS “EPFOHO UAN ENG” to 7738299899. You will then receive an SMS with the last PF contribution and total PF balance.

What is total PF amount?

EPF or Employee Provident Fund is a fund in which a portion of your salary gets deposited every month, for the purpose of building your retirement savings. EPF balance is the total amount of your salary that is deposited in the EPF account, under your name, on a particular date.

Can we check PF balance without registered mobile number?

To check your PF balance you don’t need a PF registered mobile number, with just UAN number and password you can check your PF balance online. If you don’t know your UAN also, then first you need to find your UAN, even for that also you don’t need a registered mobile number.

How can I check my PF balance without UAN number and registered mobile number?

Log in at the EPF home page of Click on ‘Click Here to Know your EPF Balance” You will be redirected to Go to “Member Balance Information”

What is PF balance?

What is my PF balance?

Checking EPF balance via SMS If you have registered your UAN with EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation), you can check your PF balance quickly by sending an SMS. All you need to do is send a text message to 7738299899. The text message should include ‘EPFOHO UAN ENG.

How can I check my PF balance without UAN and mobile number?

How can I login my PF account without password and mobile number?

Here is the step-by-step procedure to change the UAN password without a mobile number. Step 1: First, visit the UAN Member Portal of the EPFO website and click on Forgot Password. Step 2: Enter UAN, Captcha and click on Submit button. Step 5: Now, Enter Captcha and Aadhaar Number and click on Verify button.

How can I register my mobile number in PF account?

How to Register Mobile Number in EPF Account

  1. Visit EPFO Member Portal.
  2. Click on “Activate UAN”
  3. Enter your UAN, Aadhaar number, name, date of birth, mobile number and captcha code.
  4. Now click on “Get Authorization Pin”
  5. An OTP will be sent to your mobile number.

How can I activate UAN if mobile number is not registered?

Visit the portal called “EPF Member.” One can activate their UAN by simply clicking the “Activate UAN” button. Then you must enter the information about your UAN, member Id, mobile number, Aadhaar, PAN, name, DOB and email Id.

How can I get UAN without registered mobile number?

Contact your HR / Accounts department, they will have the PF data of the employees. So they can give your UAN number. Check your payslips, some companies print UAN numbers on payslips, if you are lucky then you can find your UAN there.

How can I change my mobile number in EPF without OTP?

How to Change Mobile Number if You Forget the Password

  1. Visit the EPF Member Portal and click on “Forgot Password”
  2. Enter your UAN and captcha and click on the “Submit” button.
  3. If you want to change your already registered mobile number, click on “No”

How do you activate UAN if mobile no is changed?

FAQs on Change Mobile Number on EPFO Website

  1. Go to the EPFO official portal.
  2. Select the ‘Activate UAN’ option.
  3. Enter UAN number, name, date of birth, mobile number and email id.
  4. Next, select ‘Get Authorization Pin’ option.
  5. An OTP will be generated and sent to your mobile number.

How do I Check my PF balance?

PF balance can also be checked by downloading “ UMANG app ” from Google Play Store. Step 1: Once the app is downloaded, you need to click on ‘EPFO SERVICE’ and then on ‘Employee Centric Services’. Step 2: Now click on the option ‘View passbook’ under the option “Employee Centric Services”.

How to check PF balance?

How to check your EPF account balance? Head over to,which is the official EPF website.

  • How to check your EPF account balance using a mobile phone application? Download the official Umang mobile application using your smartphone.
  • How to check your EPF balance by giving a missed call?
  • How do I Check my PF account balance?

    The PF account has to be linked with your Aadhaar card.

  • Mobile number should be the same which you have given at the time of Aadhaar registration or updated later.
  • Your mobile number should be recorded with EPFO and linked to your Provident Fund account.
  • How to check PF account balance?

    – Check PF balance without UAN through EPFO portal – Check PF balance through an SMS – Check PF balance through a missed call