How can I publish my article in Hindustan Times?

How can I publish my article in Hindustan Times?

Text Submission to

  1. publication of any material you submit to us will be at your sole discretion.
  2. you grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide licence to republish any material you submit to us in any format, including, without limitation, print and electronic format;

How many pages are there in the Hindustan Times newspaper?

Hindustan Times

First Voice. Last Word.
Circulation 1,072,966 daily (as of December 2019)
Sister newspapers Hindustan Dainik Mint
ISSN 0972-0243
OCLC number 231696742

Who is the founder of Hindustan Times?

Sunder Singh Lyallpuri
Hindustan Times is an Indian English-language daily newspaper introduced and founded in 1924 by Sunder Singh Lyallpuri, founder-father of the Akali movement and the Shiromani Akali Dal in the Punjab Province.

Is Hindustan Times a good newspaper?

1 in Delhi + Mumbai. Hindustan Times, published by HT Media Ltd, has emerged the most read newspaper across India’s two top markets, Delhi and Mumbai, in terms of advertising and number of readers of English papers.

How do I submit an article to mint?


  1. Letters, Feedback and queries to the editor Letters for publication should be sent to: [email protected].
  2. Complaints about specific editorial content It is the policy of both and Mint to correct errors and handle complaints as soon as possible.
  3. Preeti Arora Email:[email protected].

How can I get featured in a news article in India?

You need to register with and submit your article for review on “My Voice”. Your articles must meet these basic criteria in order to get published on the main website or on “My Voice”.

Which was the first newspaper of India?

Hicky’s Bengal Gazette
Hicky’s Bengal Gazette was also known as the Original Calcutta General Advertiser. It was an English language weekly that was started by James Augustus Hicky, a rather eccentric Irishman. The newspaper was published in Calcutta, the centre of colonial India during that time.

Is Hindustan a national newspaper?

Hindustan Dainik or Hindustan is an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper. According to Audit Bureau of Circulations, it is ranked 13th in the world by circulation and 6th in India….Hindustan (newspaper)

Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) HT Media Ltd
Publisher Ajay Kumar Jain
Editor-in-chief Shashi Shekhar
Founded 12 April 1936

Is Hindu better than Hindustan Times?

undoubtedly The Hindu will lead the best amongst any other english newspaper in india… The content is very restrictive and well written…the best part is they rectify their mistakes in their upcoming edition if they do it so. Originally Answered: Which is better The Hindu, The Times of India or The Hindustan Times?

Which is better Toi or Hindustan Times?

So in terms of readership Times of India stands higher than the Hindustan Times.

Which is better ET or Mint?

If you are student or a beginner or you are trying to understand the business, Economic Times is the best Newspaper. If you have read Economic Times for a long and gained a higher understanding of Industry/Business/Finance then Mint is a newspaper for you. Business Standard is also a good option.

What is the cost of Mint newspaper?

It will be a six-day-a-week paper from Monday to Saturday, priced at Rs 2. In fact on Saturdays, the newspaper will be called ‘Mint Lounge’ and ‘Mint B’, and will be in a magazine format.

How can I become a writer for Times of India?

What do you need to become a content writer? An individual having a degree in literature or journalism & mass communication is generally preferred by most of the recruiters, however, the companies are also open to anyone who has excellent communication skills.

Who wrote Bengal Gazette?

James Augustus Hicky
Hicky’s Bengal Gazette was the first English-language newspaper published on the Indian subcontinent. It was founded in Calcutta, capital of British India at the time, by Irishman James Augustus Hicky in 1779.

Who gave Hindustan name?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, and his party the Muslim League, insisted on calling the modern-day Republic of India “Hindustan” in reference to its Hindu-majority population.

Why is India called Hindustan?

The name ‘Hindustan’ was the first instance of a nomenclature having political undertones. It was first used when the Persians occupied the Indus valley in the seventh century BCE. Hindu was the Persianised version of the Sanskrit Sindhu, or the Indus river, and was used to identify the lower Indus basin.

Which is Asia’s first newspaper?

‘Hicky’s Bengal Gazette or the Original Calcutta General Advertiser’ was the first newspaper printed in Asia, and was published only for two years, between 1780 and 1782. The first edition of ‘Bombay Samachar’ came out on 1 July, 1822.