How can I start a youth organization in Kenya?

How can I start a youth organization in Kenya?

  1. Step 1 : Organize yourselves in a group of at least 10 members.
  2. Step 2 : Draft the group’s constitution.
  3. Step 3 : Hold meeting to Elect groups officials and to seeking registration.
  4. Step 4 : Registrations with the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs.
  5. Step 5 : Payment of applicable fees.

What are youth organizations What is an example of a youth organization?

Some youth organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Camp Fire, are independent associations. Other associations are part of larger institutions, usually religious or governmental. Most religious groups, for example, have their own youth organizations.

What are the benefits of joining a youth organization?

Positive youth development organizations can help youth develop assets by providing emotional support, positive experiences, social skills and opportunities to build relationships. Take some time as a family and think about the youth development organizations in your area and how you might be able to get involved.

What does youth organization do?

Typically, youth organisations focus on promoting and ensuring young people’s democratic and social rights; encouraging their social and political participation at all levels in community life; and offering opportunities for personal and social development through leisure activities, voluntary engagement and non-formal …

How do I register a youth organization?

To register a youth organization you need to have the following requirements;

  1. Proposed Name of the Youth Organisation.
  2. Proposed Constitution of the Youth Organisation.
  3. List of Names of the Board Members or Committee Members and their respective certified National Registration Cards.
  4. A filled in registration form.

How do I register for youth group?

Procedure for Registering a Youth Group:

  1. You should be at least 10 people with more than 70% being on the 18-35 age bracket. (
  2. Write minutes appointing group officials (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary) and the intention of the group to be registered and the registration name.

What is the largest youth organization?

Scouts. With over 40 million members from 223 countries around the world, the Scouts is the largest youth movement in the world. It is a voluntary non-political educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of gender, origin, race or creed.

How do I start a youth organization?

To start a youth group, decide what kind of group you want to create, such as a hiking group or church-focused group. Next, tell your friends about the group and make an announcement about it at school, church, or on social media to expand group membership.

What type of programs is appropriate for youth?

So, youth should watch some informational programmes like shown on the discovery, history tv18, discovery science, etc. These channels provide a variety of shows to see from.

Does an NGO have to be registered?

In principle, an NGO does not have to register itself to perform charitable, welfare or developmental activities. However, there are some specific types of activities that can only be carried out if the NGO is registered under the country’s specific acts or laws governing NGOs (particularly related to fund-raising).

How do I register an NGO with the UN?

To register your NGO with the United Nations, you must apply for ECOSOC consultative status which is governed today by ECOSOC resolution 1996/31, which outlines the eligibility requirements for consultativestatus, rights and obligations of NGOs in consultative status, procedures for the withdrawal orsuspension of …

How much does it cost to register a group in Kenya?

5. Pay Approved Registration fee of Ksh. 1, 000/=. NOTE: Failure to adhere to the above requirements will result to Non-registration/Deregistration.

How long does it take to register a self help group in Kenya?

within 14 days
Any change in group officials or office titles should be notified to the registrar within 14 days of notice and signed with three officials. A group planning to amend its constitution must obtain permission from the registrar. This too must be signed by three officials, the chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

What are the agencies of youth empowerment?



What type of group is a youth group?

an organization of young people, as for social purposes, usually under the sponsorship of a church, political organization, or the like.

What are the duties of a youth leader?

Youth Leader Job Duties

  • Planning and organizing community service projects.
  • Providing leadership training to youth members, including teaching conflict resolution skills, communication techniques, and teamwork skills.
  • Planning activities such as hiking trips, overnight camping trips, or community service projects.

How can I attract youth?

5 ways to attract and keep young people

  1. 1) Understand your audience.
  2. 2) Compensation and benefits.
  3. 3) Use other people’s knowledge.
  4. 4) Develop talent.
  5. 5) Think about your environment.

How do you become a youth ministry?

5 tips For Running A Successful Youth Ministry Program At Your Church

  1. Define Success. You can’t succeed, or fail for that matter, unless you know what success means.
  2. Have a place for everyone to meet.
  3. Know your job, and yourself.
  4. Build a team of leaders.
  5. Invest in your own personal development.