How capable is J-10?

How capable is J-10?

The radar has a mechanically scanned planar array antenna and is capable of tracking 10 targets. Of the 10 targets tracked, 2 can be engaged simultaneously with semi-active radar homing missiles or 4 can be engaged with active radar homing missiles.

Is J-10 better than F-16?

“The J-10C is also significantly more powerful than the old US-made F-16 fighter jet of the Pakistan Air Force and can rival the Rafale fighter jet that recently entered service with the Indian Air Force,” Shi said.

Is J-10 a stealth?

While not built around a stealth airframe like the fifth generation J-20, the ‘4++ generation’ J-10C has nevertheless seen its radar cross section reduced drastically complementing reductions to its radar section from its new sensor suite to make it more difficult to target at long ranges.

Is J-10C better than Rafale?

The J-10C has by far a superior speed, combat range, and service ceiling in comparison to the Rafale. The rate of climb, wind loading, and thrust is almost identical.

Is J-10 a good aircraft?

“J-10C, many say is a copy of the Lavi which Israel designed and dropped. It is a good aircraft which was using Su-30’s engine till the Chinese developed their own. Chinese and Russian engines are still inferior to the western ones. Both Rafale and J-10C use AESA radars with LPI.

Is j10 A F-16 copy?

The J-10C, which are also said to be the Chinese version of the classic American F-16 fighter Falcon, possesses similar capabilities including beyond-visual-range engagement, precision air-to-ground strike, digital glass cockpit instruments, in-flight refueling and electronic warfare.

Is Pakistan buy J-10?

Pakistan, for its part, has moved forward with acquisition of the Chengdu J-10 fighter, which policymakers have asserted is meant to counter the Rafale.

Is J-10 a good fighter?

The Chinese J-20 is touted to be the most advanced fighter jet in the Dragon’s arsenal with advanced long-range strike capability with sophisticated artificial intelligence capability. Reports say China has at least 20 J-20 jets.

How many J-20 will China have?

China’s military at present operates a fleet of about 50 J-20s. The military source said any new J-20s would be equipped with the WS-15 engine.

Is J-10 a good jet?

Overall, the J-10 is a competent design that offers good capability at modest prices. More importantly, it is an indigenous aircraft where China more or less developed most of the intellectual property itself.

Can Rafale beat J-20?

Critically, the Rafale is “battle-ready”, it has led operations in Afghanistan, Benghazi, Iraq and Syria encompassing different terrains. The fact that it has operated in various regions gives it an edge over China’s J-20 which is largely ‘untested’.