How do I change my home base?

How do I change my home base?

Once you’ve got the Influence and Survivors together to change home bases in State of Decay 2, you’ll then need to head there and clear it of any zombies by searching every room. Do this, and interact with the icon by pressing Y to claim it for yourself.

How do I change my home base in State of Decay 2?

After you’ve searched the base and cleared out all the zombies, all you have to do is go to the spot with the flag icon (this isn’t marked on the map) and hit the button to claim the base. Once claimed, all your resources, vehicles, and survivors are automatically moved to your new home.

Can you have more than one base in State of Decay?

Much like the first game, in State of Decay 2 you have one main base, and then a series of other smaller outposts that you can claim in order to boost your resource income.

What is the biggest home site in State of Decay?

Base H – Trumbull County Fairgrounds Description: The LARGEST Home Base in State of Decay.

How do I leave Homebase?

Select Homebase in the top left corner….

  1. Open your Homebase mobile app.
  2. Select More. (Three vertical lines.)
  3. Select Requests.
  4. Select Time Off.
  5. Select the Pending request.
  6. Select Cancel Request.

Does State of Decay 2 ever end?

Completing the last part of the Legacy questline will result in you seeing the credits and State of Decay 2 officially ‘ending. ‘ However, by completing the Legacy mission, you’ll have unlocked a Boon for a future playthrough (again this varies depending on your leader).

How many homes can you have in State of Decay?

In Storyline mode, the player can encounter 8 home sites throughout the game. The first two are given to the player through the story, although the first one, Ranger Station, is not under control of the player, and thus is not considered an “official” home site.

What map has best base State of Decay?

When it comes to finding the best base in State of Decay 2, location is everything. It’s all well and good having a well-defended and useful base but it’s just inconvenient if it’s right in the corner of the map.

What is the best home base in State of Decay?

The best two bases, just like in the main game, are the Snyder Trucking Warehouse in Marshall (the southwest corner of the map) and the Trumbell County Fairgrounds in Fairfield (the northwest corner of the map). Depending on your goals, each of these is an ideal home base.

How do I add a location to Homebase?

  1. Sign in to your Homebase account.
  2. Select Schedule in the top navigation bar.
  3. Select Departments/Roles below the navigation bar.
  4. Select Add New Department in the upper right corner and enter department name.
  5. Click the green check to save the department.

What is the best map in State of Decay?

Out of the three original State of Decay 2 maps, Cascade Hills has perhaps the best selection of bases, with the Container Fort ranking among the greatest in the game.

What is the hardest map in State of Decay 2?

Out of all the maps, Meagher Valley is the most densely packed, and that extends to the zombies. The map’s difficulty comes from the hordes of undead rather than the location of resources or frustrating mechanics like driving. The Landmark outpost is called Wind Farm.

What is the best home site in State of Decay 1?

Which is the best base in State of Decay?