How do I change settings in StyleCop?

How do I change settings in StyleCop?

The Settings. StyleCop file can be opened from the Explorer and edited through a GUI. If that doesn’t work, try dragging the Settings file onto an application called StyleCopSettingsEditor.exe which is installed in your StyleCop Program Files folder.

Where is StyleCop settings file?

In Visual Studio this menu appears when you right click the Assembly for your project (do not right click the Solution). In that options menu there should be a menu item for StyleCop Settings. Once you select this a file called Settings. Stylecop will be created in the root folder of your project.

How do I turn on StyleCop?

Enabling stylecop. json

  1. Right click the project in Solution Explorer and select Unload Project.
  2. Right click the unloaded project in Solution Explorer and select Edit ProjectName.
  3. Locate the following item in the project file.
  4. Change the definition to the following.
  5. Save and close the project file.

How do I add a custom rule in StyleCop?

How to write a custom StyleCop rule

  1. Create a Class Library project in Visual Studio.
  2. Add a reference to Microsoft.StyleCop and Microsoft.StyleCop.CSharp.
  3. Create your analyzer class that inherits from SourceAnalyzer.
  4. Add an XML file with the same name as the analyzer class.
  5. Override the AnalyzeDocument method.

How do you use StyleCop in rider?

stylecop files. To start taking these settings into account, select the Enable StyleCop support checkbox on the Editor | Code Style page of JetBrains Rider settings Ctrl+Alt+S and Read settings from editorconfig, project settings and rule sets on the Editor | Inspection Setting page of JetBrains Rider settings .

Why is StyleCop used?

StyleCop is a C# source code analyzer that allows you to enforce a set of style and consistency rules. You can adapt the rules that you don’t want to check depending on your needs. This kind of tools helps you to have a code: Readable.

How do I enable StyleCop in VS 2017?

You mean Start VS2017. Go to Tools and select “Extensions and Updates…” menu. Select “Online” then “Visual Studio Marketplace” on the left list. In search box enter : “StyleCop” Select and download “Visual StyleCop” Then right click on your project and run StyleCop.

Is StyleCop free?

StyleCop is a free source code analysis tool for C# developers that was initially developed by Microsoft.