How do I combine songs into one album in iTunes?

How do I combine songs into one album in iTunes?

Helpful answers

  1. Sort out items by clicking the option “Album by Title”.
  2. Select albums which you would like to merge.
  3. Right click on items and click “Get info” for all items you would like to merge.
  4. Click the tab “Options”.
  5. Enable “Part of Compilation” to “Yes” and enable “Gapless album” to “Yes” by clicking the boxes.

How do I combine songs into one album?

Press the Ctrl and A keys together on the keyboard while the album song list is displayed. Make sure that all songs are selected then click Edit. From the menu bar, click Properties. On the Audio Properties screen, type in the same album and album artist names in the Album and Album Artist fields.

Can you merge albums on iTunes?

Find the album that you want to combine into one and click on it, select all the songs inside the album, right-click on the songs and select the Get Info option. Step 4: A prompt will appear on your screen asking if you would like to edit information for multiple items.

How do I fix a split album in iTunes?

How to Fix Split Album in iTunes

  1. Ensure Album Artist Field Is Identical In Splitting Album.
  2. Turn On and Off Your iCloud Music Library.
  3. Check And Uncheck Compilation In iTunes.
  4. Remove the Album From Your Library And Re-add it Again.

How do you make a compilation album on iTunes?

Just select the songs you want – right-click – Get info. Then fill in the desired album title – then click on ‘Options’ and select ‘Yes’ on ‘Part of a Compilation’. Now you have your album.

Why does iTunes separate songs from the same album?

Metadata conflict is the most likely reason for the splitting album issue. Reason 1: There are more than one artist in the same album. Reason 2: Album Artist fields are mismatched in the “Sorting” tab. Reason 3: The Album Artist field is not matched with the Artist’s field.

How do you fix a split album?

Four ways to remedy a split album

  1. Use the album artist tag, if your player supports it.
  2. Move the ‘featuring’ text into the track name, and use a consistent artist tag instead.
  3. Ensure all tags for each track in an album, apart from track number and track name, are exactly the same.

What is grouping in iTunes?

The grouping option allows you to assign your own groups and categories to your music, which can be particularly useful if you have a large music collection with thousands of titles. ITunes does not automatically fill out groupings, which means they are entirely up to you.

What does grouping mean in iTunes?

How do I add a compilation album to iTunes?

In iTunes, go to File > Add Folder to Library. If you’re using the Music app, go to File > Import. Find the folder and click Select Folder to add the album into iTunes or the Music app.

What is album grouping?

Grouping is used to group together related songs. For example, movements within classical works, or songs on albums that are intended to be listened to together. Jackson Brown’s “The Loadout” and “Stay” is an example of two songs that you almost never hear apart from one another.

How do I make a compilation album?

10 Steps To Releasing Your Own Mix Album

  1. Get your concept nailed.
  2. Get your tracklist together.
  3. Get the tracks cleared from the labels that own the copyright.
  4. Get your mechanical clearances in place.
  5. Compile, mix, and master the album.
  6. Get some awesome artwork.
  7. Set up distribution and manufacturing.

How do you compile a mixtape?

Arrange the tracks.

  1. Start out with a few tracks that grab the listener and get his or her attention.
  2. Group songs of similar tempos together, and gradually move into slower or faster tunes.
  3. End the mix on a high note, with one a song that you think will really stick with the listener.

Can you tag music in iTunes?

Of course iTunes has tags. Select a song or multiple songs and click on your right mouse button. A context-menu will open. Choose “Get info” and a info-screen will open with several tabs, where you can tag files all you want.

How do I make a compilation in Apple music?

Make a single album artist for the group. Option 2) Select a group of tracks. Get Info on the tracks. Toggle the compilation field to “yes”.

What is grouping tag in iTunes?

The Grouping field shows the name of the work. When this tag contains metadata, you can also see it in the iTunes Store. With the album below, you can see how the Grouping tag organizes the album. Multi-track works are grouped under that tag, and single-movement works stand alone.

How do I organize music in Apple music?

Organize playlists in folders in Music on Mac

  1. In the Music app on your Mac, choose File > New > Playlist Folder.
  2. Type a name for the folder and press Return.
  3. To add items to the folder, drag playlists or other folders into the folder.

How do you combine songs in iTunes?

Step#1. – First off,open up iTunes (if you don’t already have it installed then do so now.

  • Step#2. – Next,open up the file explorer on the storage device where your second iTunes library is stored and find the folder where your media is kept.
  • Step#3.
  • Step#4.
  • Step#5.
  • How do you join iTunes?

    Getting set up is simple. Choose what you want to share,invite your family members to join,and enjoy each other’s digital company.

  • Keep everyone entertained.
  • Share an iCloud storage plan with your family.
  • All your family’s purchases on all your family’s devices.
  • Making purchases is easy.
  • Keep track of everyone.
  • How to join iTunes?

    Set your automatic syncing preferences. Click the Edit menu at the top-left corner and select Preferences.

  • Connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer with a USB cable. Use the cable that came with your phone or tablet (or one that’s compatible).
  • Click the Device button.
  • Click a type of content you want to sync.
  • Set your syncing options for the category.
  • How do you combine songs into one track?

    First of all,please visit and then choose “Audio Converter”;

  • Secondly,locate and press on “Merge Audio”. After entering this interface,it’s time to upload song files.
  • Once done,touch “Merge” to join uploaded songs into one track. It may take time. Please wait patiently.