How do I configure a Cisco SAN switch?

How do I configure a Cisco SAN switch?

To configure a switch for first time in-band access, follow these steps: Step 1 Power on the switch. Switches in the Cisco MDS 9000 Family boot automatically. Step 2 Enter the new password for the administrator.

How do I create a zone in Cisco MDS switch?

Configuring zoning on a Cisco FC switch

  1. Clear the existing zones and zoneset if present.
  2. Obtain the switch worldwide name (WWN): show wwn switch.
  3. Configure the basic zone settings:
  4. Create storage zones and add the storage ports to it.
  5. Create an FCVI zone set and add the FCVI ports to it:
  6. Verify the zoning: show zone.

What are Cisco Fabric Switches?

The switch fabric functionality is built into the supervisor engine and creates a dedicated connection between fabric-enabled modules and provides uninterrupted transmission of frames between these modules.

How do you do MDS zoning?

Steps Of Cisco MDS SAN Switch Zoning

  1. Check Connectivity Status of HBA Port.
  2. Create fcAlias Name For HBA Port WWPN.
  3. Create fcAlias for Storage Array Port WWPN.
  4. Create a ZONE and add fcAlias members.
  5. Add the newly created zone to an active zone set.
  6. Commit the zone if extended zoneset is enabled.
  7. Activate the zoneset.

How do I enable ports on Cisco MDS?


  1. View the port groups available in a Cisco switch: show port-resources module blade_number.
  2. License and acquire the required port in a port group by entering the following commands in sequence: config t interface port_number shut port-license acquire no shut.
  3. Save the configuration: copy running-config startup-config.

What is a fabric interconnect?

The Fabric Interconnect (FI) is the core component of a UCS solution, providing network, storage, and unified management capabilities to servers. Fabric Interconnects are typically configured as highly available clustered pairs in production environments and provide active-active data traffic.

How does network fabric work?

Network fabrics use automation to generate the networking resources needed as the number of containers rises and falls. If an organization has multiple data centers in its network, then it is helpful to have them interconnected.

How do you make fcAlias in Cisco MDS?

How do I configure a port?

Port configuration starts with the basics of duplex and speed. Sometimes switch ports must manually have their duplex mode and speed manually configured….Table 2-5 Cisco Switch Auto-MDIX Commands.

Enter global configuration mode. S1# configure terminal
Enable auto-MDIX on the interface. S1(config-if)# mdix auto

How do I open ports on a Cisco router?

2 Answers

  1. Download putty.
  2. Connect to your router using the console cable ( the serial cable with other end RJ45)
  3. Open putty, select Serial, click OPEN.
  4. You should now be in User Executive Mode.
  5. To access Global Configuration Mode from Privileged Mode, type configure terminal.
  6. Now you need to configure Port forwarding.

How do I delete a zone in Cisco MDS?

Cisco MDS – Clear All Zoning Configuration

  1. Firstly determine the names of the active zonesets for each vsan.
  2. Next you will need to deactivate the zoneset “vsan10_zs” on vsan 10:
  3. Remove the zonset “vsan10_zs” from the configuration:
  4. Clear all the zones from the database associated with vsan 10:

What is WWN zoning?

WWN zoning (also called name zoning) restricts access by a device’s WWN. As the WWN is on the host, the port the host is connected to can be moved and access is still preserved. Connecting a new device into a port previously used by a WWN zone device will not convey any access to the previous device’s resources.

Is Cisco fabric Interconnect a switch?

What Does UCS Fabric Interconnect Mean? The Unified Computing System (UCS) fabric interconnect is a networking switch or head unit where the UCS chassis, essentially a rack where server components are attached, connects to.

How do I set up fabric interconnect?

Copy the web link from the prompt into a supported web browser and go to the Cisco UCS Manager GUI launch page. On the Cisco UCS Manager GUI launch page, select Express Setup. On the Express Setup page, select Initial Setup and click Submit. In the Cluster and Fabric Setup Area, select the Standalone Mode option.

What are the three types of switch fabrics?

The three types of switching are switching via memory, switching via bus, and switching via an interconnection network.

Why do we need a fabric switch?

Because a switched fabric network spreads network traffic across multiple physical links, it yields higher total throughput than broadcast networks, such as the early 10BASE5 version of Ethernet and most wireless networks such as Wi-Fi.

What is the difference between fcAlias and device alias?

FCalias is used for zoning only. FCalias is propagated via distributing the full zoneset. Device alias can be use for multiple functions like port security, IVR, and zoning. Best Practice is to use Device Alias if the fabric is made up only Cisco MDS.

What are the 2 major types of zoning in SAN?

There are two distinct methods of zoning that can be applied to a SAN: World Wide Name zoning and port zoning.