How do I configure site to site VPN in Sophos UTM 9?

How do I configure site to site VPN in Sophos UTM 9?

Create the remote gateway

  1. Sign in to WebAdmin of Sophos UTM.
  2. Go to Site-to-Site VPN > IPsec > Remote Gateways.
  3. Enter the settings below: Name: Test IPsec Gateway A. Gateway type: Respond Only (the other site is NAT’d and must start the connection) Authentication type: Preshared key.
  4. Click Save.

How do I setup a VPN in Sophos?

Sophos Connect client is VPN software that runs on Microsoft Windows 7 SP2 and later, and Mac OS 10.12 and later. It establishes highly secure, encrypted VPN tunnels for off-site employees….Specify VPN settings

  1. Go to VPN and click Show VPN settings.
  2. Specify a lease range.
  3. Click Apply.

How do I connect to UTM VPN?

Select the Open in OpenVPN button. Select the + icon to import the VPN profile. Enter your credentials for the required username profile (depending on if you want to only access Internal devices, or backhaul all Internet traffic through the UTM as well) and you will be connected.

Why won’t my Sophos VPN connect?

If the SSL VPN connects successfully, but users cannot connect to the allowed resources behind the Sophos Firewall, verify if a firewall rule is created and configured. If any specific service is selected in this rule, try allowing any service and check the connectivity.

Which VPN protocols are supported by the Sophos connect client?

Define settings requested for remote access using SSL VPN and L2TP. These include protocols, server certificates, and IP addresses for clients. You can configure IPsec remote access connections. Users can establish the connection using the Sophos Connect client.

How do I setup SSL VPN?

Configure SSL VPN settings:

  1. Go to VPN > SSL-VPN Settings.
  2. For Listen on Interface(s), select wan1.
  3. Set Listen on Port to 10443.
  4. Optionally, set Restrict Access to Limit access to specific hosts, and specify the addresses of the hosts that are allowed to connect to this VPN.
  5. Choose a certificate for Server Certificate.

How do I connect to UTM Sophos?

Installing and configuring Sophos Connect

  1. Click UTM Downloads.
  2. Download the Sophos Connect installer for your OS.
  3. Run the SophosConnect.
  4. Open Sophos Connect.
  5. Click the menu button (three dots) on the top-right side and select Import connection.
  6. Select the .
  7. Turn on the connection by clicking Connect.

Why SSL VPN is not connecting?

To troubleshoot getting no response from the SSL VPN URL: Go to Policy > IPv4 Policy or Policy > IPv6 policy. Check that the policy for SSL VPN traffic is configured correctly. Check that you are using the correct port number in the URL. Ensure FortiGate is reachable from the computer.

What is the difference between an IPsec and an SSL VPN?

Whereas an IPsec VPN enables connections between an authorized remote host and any system inside the enterprise perimeter, an SSL VPN can be configured to enable connections only between authorized remote hosts and specific services offered inside the enterprise perimeter.

What is Sophos SSL VPN client?

Sophos VPN Clients. Securely connects mobile users to your headquarters. Ì One-click VPN: Simply install individual VPN packages with a click of the mouse from the Sophos UTM UserPortal. Ì Automatic installation: The complete client installation is done within minutes—no configuration required by the user.

What is the default IP for Sophos?
Per default, the Sophos XG assigns the IP address 172.16. 16.16 to its first NIC. At this IP address the web based Admin Console is also accessible.

What to do if VPN is not connecting?

When your VPN won’t connect, try these solutions:

  1. Check whether your internet connection is alright.
  2. Check your credentials.
  3. Check whether your preferred VPN server is working.
  4. Check if you have the right ports opened.
  5. Look for VPN software issues.
  6. Check the firewall blocking.
  7. Contact customer service.
  8. Grant access.

What VPN protocol does Sophos UTM support?

Sophos UTM supports SSL, PPTP, L2TP over IPsec, IPsec, and more VPN protocols. For this guide, we are going to use iPhone’s L2TP VPN Client to remotely connect to our Sophos UTM.

How do I integrate duo with Sophos UTM 9?

Duo integrates with Sophos UTM 9 to add two-factor authentication to VPN logins, access to Sophos UTM WebAdmin and the User Portal. To integrate Duo with the UTM, first, install a local proxy service on a machine within your network. Before proceeding, setup a system and install the Duo Authentication Proxy.

How do I set up a pool in Sophos UTM?

To start, log in to your Sophos UTM and select the “Remote Access” section Pool Network: Choose your LAN subnet or internal network. You may also choose a VPN pool, but I decided to stay on the same subnet while I remote in.

What UTM 9 features can be used with duo authentication?

Most UTM 9 features should be able to make use of Duo Authentication backend. We have only validated selected features like the SSL VPN in real-world scenarios. Sign up to the Sophos Support SMS Notification Service to get the latest product release information and critical issues.