How do I enable WOL on my ASUS motherboard?

How do I enable WOL on my ASUS motherboard?

  1. Confirm whether it supports Wake-on-LAN function. 1-1. Please go to ASUS official website and click to query the motherboard, For example: ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA. 1-2.
  2. Set and enable WOL in BIOS. (For example:ROG MAXIMUS XII FORMULA) 2-1. Power on the system and press key to enter BIOS [Advanced Mode] 2-2.
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Does ASUS support Wake-on-LAN?

If you need to use ASUSWRT WOL function, please make sure your have completed the below action. Go to Device Manager( in System) -> Select your network adapter and click right button -> Select Properties -> Click Allow this device to wake the computer and Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer.

How do I know if my motherboard supports Wake-on-LAN?

Open up your System Preferences and choose Battery. You should see “Wake for Network Access” or something similar. This enables Wake-on-LAN.

How do I test my Wake-on-LAN magic packet?

In Network View, right-click the agent that has Wake On Lan Monitor running on it, and select Wake Up > Wake Up On LAN. This will broadcast the Magic Packet across the network, which has Agent information to identify that the Magic Packet is only intended to be acknowledged by the designated Agent.

How do you check if your motherboard supports Wake-on-LAN?

Once you’re in the BIOS, head to the Power management section and look for a Wake-on-LAN setting. If you find one, go ahead and make sure it’s enabled, then save and exit your BIOS and start up your computer.

How do I fix Wake-on-LAN Windows 10?

Problems with Wake-on-LAN feature can be caused by your network drivers, and if you have this problem, you should try updating the NIC driver to the latest version. You can either update your drivers manually via the Device Manager, or you can get the driver updates on the Optional Updates section under Windows Update.