How do I find a blog on BlogSpot?

How do I find a blog on BlogSpot?

  1. How to Find a Blog on Blogspot. Search google [keyword]
  2. Google Custom Search. You can also get could results from performing a Google Custom Search, by searching the * subdomain on Google.
  3. Blogger Forums.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Twitter.
  6. Mix.

Does BlogSpot still exist?

Yes, loads of people still use Blogger. It may be old, but it’s still a very popular online blogging platform. It’s easy to use and completely free, so it’s a great way to start writing a blog.

How do I view other peoples blogs?

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. In the left menu, click Reading list .
  3. In the top right, click Manage reading list .
  4. Click Add.
  5. Type the URL of the blog you want to follow.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Choose whether to follow publicly or anonymously.
  8. Click Follow.

Why is BlogSpot not secure?

On my site the typical reason why a blog post is not secure is because of something called an insecure image call. Usually, this happens when I embed a banner ad in the body of my blog post or in my sidebar.

Is WordPress or BlogSpot better?

In a nutshell, the Blogger platform is better than WordPress when you are creating a blog for no other reason than you want to write. If you are OK with the limited features offered by the Blogger platform, then this is a great choice. For making money or creating a long term impact, WordPress platform is better.

Can BlogSpot give you virus?

It probably wasn’t the number one rating it was looking for, but Google’s Blogger service takes the top honors for Most Likely to Give You a Virus – the domain accounts for nearly 2 percent of all malware pages.

What is BlogSpot used for?

Blogger is a free blog hosting service that lets you create a blog without paying anything at all. You also get a free Blogspot subdomain. Your blog’s address will look something like this: . However, you can also use a custom domain name with your blog.

How do I find blogs on Google?

Access to Google blog search required the user be on a Google search page, then to click on “News” and then click the “Tools” button. A new menu bar then appeared below the “Tools” button, and to the left. Clicking the “All news” option made a dropdown menu appear, with the options of “All news” and “Blogs”.

Can I make money with BlogSpot?

Yes, you can earn money with a Blogspot blog. It is like any other web site: if you have good content, and can attract a lot of traffic, and have a mix of revenue-generating features, you can earn money.

How do I find someone’s blog?

How to Find Blogs

  1. Perform a basic internet search.
  2. Search the most popular blog-hosting sites.
  3. Use blog directories to search by topic.
  4. Use an RSS feed reader to track new content.
  5. Search for curated lists to find recommended content.
  6. Scan social media to find new content.

How do I find my Blogger URL?

Go to

  1. Select your desired blog.
  2. Go to pages.
  3. Single click the page to which you want to get the url of (or just place cursor over its name)
  4. Edit|View|Share…
  5. Click on View.
  6. New window opens and in the search bare you see the link to be copied and pasted where you want it.

How do I make my blogspot secure?

Turn on HTTPS redirect

  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. In the top left, click the Down arrow .
  3. Select the blog to update.
  4. In the left menu, click Settings. Basic.
  5. On the right, under “HTTPS” and “HTTPS Redirect,” select Yes.

Can you make money with BlogSpot?

Why did Blogspot become blogger?

1993: Blogging Officially Begins

  • 1994: Justin Hall Begins Personal Blogging
  • 1997: The Term “Weblog” is Coined
  • 1998: The First Blogging Platform (Open Diary) Launches
  • 1999: Blogger and LiveJournal Launch (with Xanga Soon Following)
  • 2003: WordPress and TypePad are Created
  • 2003: Google Buys Blogger and Launches AdSense
  • How to create a free Blogspot blog?

    Life experiences. Everyone has lessons they have learned through life experience. Sharing this knowledge can be incredibly helpful to others in similar situations.

  • A personal blog. A personal blog is a blog all about you.
  • Hobbies&passions. Hobbies or other interests you are passionate about are a great place to start.
  • How to make a blog on Blogspot?

    How to Make a Blog on Blogger for Free and Earn Money – Here is the complete Blogging tutorial where you can learn- How to Make a Blog on Blogger and Earn Mo…

    What is the difference between blogger and Blogspot?

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  • Reconnect With Your Senses Then,tune into your senses as a way to further connect with your body.
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