How do I find recent arrests in El Paso TX?

How do I find recent arrests in El Paso TX?

El Paso Public Records

  1. Login.
  2. (915) 800-7390.

How do I send money to an inmate in El Paso TX?

Using Access Corrections: Two easy ways for your friends and family to put money in your account.

  1. Online or mobile: go to
  2. By Phone: Call 1-866-394-0490 (24/7 365)

How many people are in El Paso County Jail?

The men and women of the Security Division provide vital services to an approximate daily average jail population of over 1,600 inmates. The inmates are housed in one of 25 wards, 5 Female and 20 Male, within the El Paso County Jail. Each ward houses between 27 and 94 inmates.

How do I find out if someone is in police custody in El Paso TX?

For immediate inmate and bail information call, (915) 544-1900. If you know someone who has been arrested in El Paso, Texas and are looking for information on how to help them please contact our inmate information line at (915) 544-1900. The El Paso Police Department and Jail is located at 601.

How do I add someone on JPay?

On the JPay home page, in the Select State box, type the state where your inmate/offender resides. In the Enter Inmate ID # box, enter the inmate/offender ID for your friend or relative, then click Next. On the Search Results page, click on the inmate/offender you want.

How do I get a copy of a police report in El Paso TX?

You may contact the Records Division at (915) 212-4267 to inquire the status of the report request, or for information on obtaining a copy of the report.

What is the capacity of the El Paso County Jail?

The jail has an inmate capacity of 1000. The physical location of the El Paso County Jail is: 601. E. Overland Visitations Hours at El Paso County Jail:

How to lookup jail inmate records in El Paso County Texas?

To lookup jail inmate records in El Paso County Texas, use El Paso County online inmate search or jail roster. Inmate details include: booking number, facility, booked date, released date, name, alias, desc, hair, eyes, SO number, address, warrant number, charge, issuing auth, offense date, bond/type, fine/crt costs and disposition.

What is the population of El Paso County?

According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 1,013 square miles (2,624 sq. km). The county seat of El Paso is El Paso. The largest city of El Paso County is El Paso. El Paso County had a population of approximately 840,410 in the year 2010.

Is El Paso County open on Veterans Day 2019?

Highly recommend El Paso County offices will be closed Thursday, November 11th in honor of Veterans Day and will re-open on Friday, November 12th. Attorney Enrique Moreno was an admired member of the community, staunch advocate for justice, and tireless advocate for the less fortunate.