How do I get my CV off CV-Library?

How do I get my CV off CV-Library?

Yes, once you’ve found your ideal job you may wish to remove you CV. You can do so by clicking here and then logging into your account if you haven’t already. You will then be asked to enter your password again to authorise the deletion.

Is CV-Library a job board?

CV-Library is an award-winning job board and one of the first job posting sites in the U.K. The site has been known to house upwards of 206,000 job adverts and has a database of over 16.4 million unique CVs from qualified candidates across the region.

Is CV-Library free for recruiters?

Stay on top of the latest vacancies with the CV-Library Job Search App, available for free on mobile and tablet devices.

What is https www CV-Library co uk?

CV-Library is the UK’s largest independent job board, with 227,874 live vacancies from all industries nationwide available to search! Register your CV to start applying today. With simple search tools and instant job matches delivered to your inbox, it’s never been easier to land a new job with CV-Library.

Is CV-Library safe?

Here at CV-Library, we work in conjunction with JobsAware, (who work in association with the Met police) to help protect our candidates. We use automated and manual tools to ensure every job posting is legitimate. However, there are other platforms that fraudsters use to lure their victims.

Can anyone see my CV on CV-Library?

Your CV, unless you choose the option to ‘hide’, will be accessible to any CV-Library customer. If you choose to hide your CV, all clients of CV-Library will be unable to view or access it. Please do not submit your personal information to us if you do not want us to collect it.

Do recruiters use CV-Library?

A recent independent survey has revealed that CV-Library provides recruiters with the most applications, interviews and hires. Results were collected via an independent survey by Tribes Research Ltd.

Who owns CV-Library?

Lee Biggins
Founder and CEO of CV-Library ( Lee Biggins is the founder and CEO of CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job site. Lee has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and even from an early age, his entrepreneurial spirit shone through.

What do CV-Library do?

At CV-Library, it’s our goal to make it quick and easy for companies to connect with the right candidates. As the UK’s favourite job board, we’re known as experts in our field and offer a wide range of award-winning recruitment products.

Can my current employer see my CV on CV-Library?

How does CV-Library work for employers?

Once the agency has a vacancy to work on, it will conduct a specific search on job boards such as CV-Library and ring the most suitable professionals who’ve made their CVs visible. The agency will ask about your CV, experience and your career ambitions. If you fit the bill, the agency will send your CV to the employer.

Who uses CV-Library?

Employers & recruiters Employers and recruitment agencies can find permanent, graduate, contract and freelance candidates on one easy to use site!

What do employers look for in a CV?

Experience. Your CV will be scanned for the right kind of experience. Ensure your experience, whether six months in one role or four years in another, comes across as consistent and relevant to the job you’re applying for. Be clear where you added value, and your exact contribution to any high profile project.

Why do CV get rejected?

We have seen many candidates trip themselves up, with the most common misleading information being put on CVs being: The inaccuracy of dates to try and cover up job hopping or unexplained gaps in employment. Inflated education achievements, including purchasing online degrees which are worthless. Inflated salaries.

Do and don’ts of a good CV?

Dos And Don’ts For The Perfect CV

  • Do structure your CV and include a personal profile.
  • Do play to your strengths.
  • Do lay it out nicely on one page only.
  • Do use bullet points.
  • Do be consistent and professional.
  • Don’t use lots of crazy fonts and colours.
  • Don’t include irrelevant information.
  • Don’t forget to check it.