How do I get my EASA pilot license?

How do I get my EASA pilot license?

In order for you to be eligible for the EASA Conversion Career Program you need to have a valid ICAO CPL and the following:

  1. 150 hours total time.
  2. 80 hours of dual instruction.
  3. 70 hours PIC if you did your training as a part of an integrated program or 100 hours PIC if you did your training as a part of a modular program.

Can you convert FAA to EASA?

After 8 months of training you will have converted your FAA licenses to EASA, have at least 100 hours PIC and 200 hours of total time (required for EASA CPL), and completed one of the most comprehensive and in depth ground training courses currently available – ATPL Theoretical Ground School.

How much does flight school cost in California?

Programs at California Flight Academy are broken up into 4 Phases as highlighted below:

FAA Commercial Pilot Program – 192 hours*
Phase II Instrument Rating $16,640
Phase III Pre Commercial $12,300
Phase IV Commercial Pilot License $11,505
Total $57,325

Is EASA harder than FAA?

Let’s take a look at the difficulty level of the FAA ratings and the schematics of getting to the right seat of that jet: The difficulty level is lower than getting that EASA training.

Which is best EASA or FAA?

An FAA ATPL will let you fly US registered (N Register) airplanes anywhere in the world, and an EASA one will let you fly an EASA member’s airplane, so most of Europe anywhere in the world. If you want to fly for a US airline you need an FAA one, if you want to fly for a european airline you need an EASA one.

Can you fly in Europe with an FAA license?

Pilot’s residence/citizenship don’t matter, just that the airplane is N-reg and the pilot is FAA certificated. You can fly anywhere in the world that way. American Airlines does that all the time.

What is EASA pilot Licence?

EASA is a type of pilot license in Europe. Flying Academy is a EASA Approved Training Organization. With us you have an opportunity to become an international airline pilot holding European EASA ATPL frozen license – the highest level of aircraft pilot certification.

How much do pilots get paid in California?

The average salary for a pilot is $113,776 per year in California.

Can I fly in Europe with FAA license?

flying an N-plane in Europe is allowed on only an FAA certificate, provided it is not a commercial operation. As of June 20, 2022, the above exception for non-commercial flights on an N-plane will expire.

Can a US private pilot fly in Europe?

How long is EASA PPL valid for?

Is My PPL Licence Valid Forever? Your EASA-PPL is valid for lifetime, but your Single Engine Piston Rating is only valid for two years. To keep this ‘current’ you must fly at least 12 hours in the last year before expiry, of which one hour must be with a flying instructor.

What can I fly with an EASA PPL?

EASA-PPL Holders are Permitted to:

  • Fly an aircraft with a take off weight that does not exceed 5700kgs.
  • Fly during daylight hours in visibility greater than 3km remaining in sight of the surface at all times.
  • Carry passengers without payment.
  • Receive remuneration for flight instruction for up to PPL training.

What is the difference between EASA and FAA?

FAA and EASA are two different organizations responsible for implementing and overseeing all aspects of aviation within different countries. The difference between them is that FAA is responsible for the US and EASA is responsible for all countries in Europe.

How can I get training and support from EASA?

Keep your skills sharp with online training and in-person seminars. Attend live training with peers from around the world or bring the content in-house. EASA’s variety of industry-specific training pools more than 100 years of rotating equipment knowledge from EASA’s technical support staff.

Where can I get flight training in California?

AFI Flight Training Fullerton, California AFI Flight Training is proud to have over 45 years of flight training experience. We offer FAA FAR Part 141 flight training at Ful…

Why choose ATP Flight School Sacramento?

ATP Flight School Sacramento, California ATP is the leader in multi-engine training and has been for over 30 years. ATP´s quality instructional methods will have you flying as pilot-in-command, nationwide, in an airline-style environme.

What is Aero aviation flight school?

We are an aviation training school that offers accelerated and self-paced scenario-based flight training Call 949-328-7512 Aero Aviation Flight School Long Beach, California Aero Aviation Flight School offers professional quality flight training for career minded individuals.