How do I install Open GApps on Genymotion?

How do I install Open GApps on Genymotion?

I tried and this worked:

  1. Visit
  2. Select x86 as platform.
  3. Choose the Android version corresponding to your virtual device.
  4. Select nano as variant.
  5. Download the zip file.
  6. Drag & Drop the zip installer in new Genymotion virtual device (2.7. 2 and above only)
  7. Follow the pop-up instructions.

Can I play Android games on Genymotion?

Genymotion is a very useful application to run your favorite Android games and other apps on your desktop and laptop computers.

Does Genymotion have Google Play?

Simply download and install Genymotion 2.10 and a new “Open GApps” widget will be available in your toolbar. Click it and it’ll do the rest! Now you can have your applications relying on Google Play Services and Google Play Store working perfectly fine.

Is Geny motion free?

Only pay for what you use!

How do I get Google Play store on my laptop?

On your computer, go to Google Play. At the top right, click your profile picture. If you’re not signed in to the right account, click Sign out, then sign in again with the right account. New device: If your device is new, sign in with your Google Account.

How do I install Google Play on my emulator?

Installing Google Play Services on an Android Studio emulator

  1. Install a system image.
  2. Open Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager. $ANDROID_HOME/tools/android avd &
  3. Download a Open GApps zip file from the site.
  4. Start an emulator.
  5. Install packages.
  6. Restart.
  7. Open Play Store and sign in.
  8. Stop the emulator and start it again.

How do I install Google Play store without Gapps?

Simply search for any free app on the Google Play Store, then select it from the list. From there, tap the “Download” button, then press “Install” when prompted a few seconds later. The apps are being downloaded directly from the Play Store, so they’re always the latest official versions.