How do I update my go card?

How do I update my go card?

How to update your expiry date

  1. Visit selected go card retailers or Queensland Rail ticket offices (only in South East Queensland) and ask to update your expiry date. Then you can continue to use your go card.
  2. If more than 255 days have passed since your card expired, you need to buy a new go card to travel.

Can you use go card on your phone?

Yes, you can tap on and off Smart Ticketing validators using a go card, contactless debit or credit card, smartphone, smart watch or smart device linked to Visa, Mastercard or American Express to pay for an adult fare on G:link.

Can you use a go card on the Citycat?

yes you will get charged everytime you get on and off. It is still far cheaper to buy the go card as you get discount rated when you use the card as opposed to a paper ticket. Also please keep in mind that between the city stops there is the Cityhopper ferry which is free to use!

How do I get a Queensland go card?

You can buy and top-up your go card:

  1. online.
  2. at your local retailer.
  3. or by calling 13 12 30.

How do I know if my go card has expired?

Thirty days before your card expires you will see a warning message on the card reader each time you touch on or touch off. To check your go card’s expiry date visit (registered cards only), call 13 12 30 or visit a selected go card retailer. To change your expiry date visit selected go card retailers.

Why is my go card not valid?

An expired go card is not valid for travel. However, you have up to 255 days to change the expiry date. After the 255 day grace period, the card cannot be reactivated and a new go card will need to be purchased. You can transfer any remaining balance from your old card to the new one.

Can I put my go card in my apple Wallet?

You can add a transit card to the Wallet app on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Can I use my go card in Sydney?

Residents and visitors to South East Queensland can use go card to easily explore the region. It’s easy to use: simply touch on at the beginning and touch off at the end of each trip onboard your bus or ferry or at your train or tram station.

Is public transport free in Brisbane?

The free public transport fares only apply on government-run services — not through private operators — and, while both buses and trains have started services again, with the rail network resuming today, timetables aren’t back to normal.

Can I buy a go card at Gold Coast Airport?

You can buy a Go card from the Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle desk. Also sell it back when you leave. You can’t purchase the Go Card from the bus driver – Do as lockie says and purchase the Go Card from the GC Tourist Shuttle bus desk.

Can a go card expire?

Can I get a refund on my go card?

You can obtain a refund of the travel balance on your go card plus any refundable deposit paid, less any outstanding fares, fees and charges. your last top up was made by cash at a retailer or fare machine. You must surrender your go card to receive a refund.

What happens if I forget to tap off my go card?

Under section 218M of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Regulation 2018, the department may charge a fixed fare (or default fare) to your go card if you don’t tap on at the start of your trip, or tap off at the end of your trip.

Is go card changing?

Other parts of the Go Card hardware will need to be replaced. “Our public transport network covers one of the largest geographical areas on the planet, which means nearly 1300 fixed devices and over 12,000 on-board devices will need to be replaced as the new system is rolled out.”

Can you add a go card to Google Pay?

If the app prompts you to add a credit card, you can bypass that screen and return to the Google Pay home screen. 3. Open the Play Store (again, if you installed Google Pay), search for the eAccounts app and then install it on your Android device.

How do I add a go Mastercard to Apple Pay?

How to add a card for Apple Pay on your iPhone

  1. In the Wallet app, tap the Add button .
  2. Tap Debit or Credit Card.
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Follow the steps on the screen to add a new card.
  5. Verify your information with your bank or card issuer.
  6. If you have a paired Apple Watch, you have the option to also add the card to your watch.

How can I use my phone as a EZ-Link card?

How do I access my NFC ez-link purse using the EZ-Link App? NFC SIM card users can use the EZ-Link App to access the NFC EZ-Link purse by inserting the NFC SIM card into the phone and adding the NFC SIM card into the My EZ-Link page. The NFC SIM card should be automatically detected by the app.

Is there a free tram zone in Sydney?

Sydney’s Opal system lets tourists use credit cards on trams, and has a much less silly name – but a free zone here would give tourists jump on-and-off ease to cruise from World Square to the QVB to Circular Quay.