How do I use mailx command?

How do I use mailx command?

Sending an Email

  1. Writing the message directly in the command line: To send a simple email, use the “-s” flag to set the subject in quotes which is followed by the email of the receiver.
  2. Taking the message from a file $ mail -s “A mail sent using mailx” [email protected] < /path/to/file.

What is mailx command in Linux?

Description. mailx is an intelligent mail processing system, which has a command syntax reminiscent of ed with lines replaced by messages. It is based on Berkeley Mail 8.1, is intended to provide the functionality of the mail command, and offers extensions for MIME, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and S/MIME.

How does mailx work in Unix?

Once installed, the mailx command can be directly referenced with the name mail, so you just type in that in the command line.

  1. Simple mail.
  2. Take message from a file.
  3. Multiple recipients.
  4. CC and BCC.
  5. Specify From name and address.
  6. Specify “Reply-To” address.
  7. Attachments.
  8. Use external SMTP server.

How do I read mail on mailx?

Reading Messages

  1. To read your messages, type mailx at a command prompt and press Return.
  2. The mailx program displays information about itself (version number and date) and instructions for getting help ( Type? for help ).
  3. To view the current message in the mailbox list (marked with >), press Return.

How do I attach a file in mailx?

Use the new attachment switch (-a) in mailx to send attachments with the mail. The -a options is easier to use that the uuencode command. The above command will print a new blank line. Type the body of the message here and press [ctrl] + [d] to send.

What is difference between mail and mailx?

Mailx is more advanced than “mail”. Mailx supports attachments by using the “-a” parameter. Users then list a file path after the “-a” parameter. Mailx also supports POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and MIME.

How do I send a body by email?

Writing Mail body using Echo command In the last example, you need to write the content of the body and then press the Ctrl + D to send the email, but if you already have a message written you can also use the echo command along with mailx to send the email directly.

How do I send a test email in Sendmail?

Once logged in, you can run the following command to send email: [server]$ /usr/sbin/sendmail [email protected] Subject: Test Send Mail Hello World control d (this key combination of control key and d will finish the email.)

What is the difference between mail and mailx in Unix?

Briefly, mail is the older program, mailx (formerly nail in some implementations) is a newer version , with an extended mostly-but-not-totally-compatible interface. mailx is still quite old, created around 1986 and standarized as part of POSIX in 1992.

How do I attach a file in Unix mailx?

How do I add a CC to a mailx in Unix?

To provide CC use -c option with email addresses. To provide BCC use -b option with email addresses. In the example we will send mail to the ismail@localhost with root@localhost in CC and test@localhost in BCC. From this example we will use same options but more featured mailx command.

Does mailx use sendmail?

smtp Normally, mailx invokes sendmail(8) directly to transfer messages. If the smtp variable is set, a SMTP connection to the server specified by the value of this variable is used instead.

How install mailx package in Linux?

How to Install mail command in RHEL/CentOS 7/8

  1. Step 1: Prerequisites. a)You need to have running RHEL/CentOS 7/8 based Systems.
  2. Step 2: Update Your System.
  3. Step 3: Install mail command in Linux.
  4. Step 4: Check mail command version.
  5. Step 5: Send a Test email using mail command in Linux.

What is a body in an email?

The Email Body Section The body of an email message is essentially the letter inside of the envelope. Consider how you read a letter you receive in the postal mail. You open the envelope and unfold the paper to view the contents of the message.

What is the correct syntax for sending emails in mailx?

mailx syntax 1 -s – subject of an email. Mention it in double-quotes if it contains space 2 -a – attach the given filename to message 3 -b – send blind carbon copies to list of users 4 -c – send carbon copies to list of users 5 -r – set the from address. 6 -v – Verbose mode. This displays details of delivery on the user’s terminal

What is mailx based on?

This is based on Berkeley Mail 8.1 and provides the complete functionality of the POSIX mailx command. Extensions for MIME, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and S/MIME are also available. mailx should not be availalble on your system unless you install it. You can use this article which should help you to install mailx. Here I am going to cover mailx.

How does mailx work in shell script?

The shell that is invoked to run the command is given by the SHELL environment variable. If the bang variable is set, mailx replaces each unescaped exclamation mark (!) in command with the command run by the previous command or ~! command escape. Pipes the current message through the specified shell command .

What is the current message in mailx?

For these commands, there is a notion of a current message. When you enter the mailx program, the current message is initially the first (or the first recent) one. Thus, you can often omit the message number and use, for example, to type the current message. As a further shorthand, you can type a message by giving its message number.