How do you become a Redken representative?

How do you become a Redken representative?


  1. At least 2 years with cosmetology license currently working in a Redken Salon.
  2. Salon or Suite must carry minimum of 2 Redken color brands, haircare & styling.

What does Redken certified mean?

The Redken Haircolor Certification is an advanced level exam that assesses your technical skills, knowledge of Redken products and principles, and your approach to creating specific outcomes.

How do I become a hair colorist?

How To Become A Hair Color Specialist

  1. Take Hair Color Courses at Cosmetology School.
  2. Get Your Professional Cosmetology License.
  3. Master the Formulas and Become a Hair Color Expert.
  4. Earn Certifications from the American Board of Certified Haircolorists.
  5. Market Yourself as a Hair Color Specialist.

What does it mean to be a Redken Artist?

Redken Artist. The Redken Artist Network is a group of individuals with specialized talents that offer advanced training to salon professionals. Redken Artists help people develop their skills and reach their highest potential. We’re always looking for people who share our passion and enthusiasm for helping others grow …

Is Redken professional?

LEADING HAIR, HAIR PRODUCT AND PROFESSIONAL HAIRCOLOR INNOVATION. Redken 5th Avenue NYC is a professional haircare and haircolor brand dedicated to providing inspiring professional education, groundbreaking products and unparalleled creativity for clients and stylists alike.

Can you just be a colorist?

The art of coloring hair is more than just an art, it is also a science. If you’re interested in becoming a Hair Color Specialist, the best way to achieve your dream is to go through extensive training and practice in order to get certified as a Hair Colorist.

What do you call someone who specializes in hair color?

Color specialists, also called colorists, have come into their own, especially with the boom of social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. With the development of processes, technologies and products, the colors these talented hair artists can achieve are more astonishing than ever!

How much does a Redken artist make?

Redken Salaries

Job Title Salary
Artist salaries – 1 salaries reported $9,600/yr
Graphic Designer salaries – 1 salaries reported $57,264/yr
Artist salaries – 1 salaries reported $14,833/yr
Artist salaries – 1 salaries reported $49,090/yr

Do hairdressers like Redken?

While there are tons of brands and endless hair products that one can use, it has been seen that most hairstylists tend to stick to a brand that promotes great results. Redken is a popular choice for salon and for home use.

Is Redken at Ulta real?

Can I buy Redken Products online? You can buy genuine Redken products from your local salon. Also available at, Ulta, Beauty Brands, Look Fantastic, JCPenney Salons. If you don’t go these authorized retailers you product are considered “diverted” and you may be at risk by purchasing them.

What is a dailies colorist?

The Dailies Colorist is responsible for providing dailies services and deliverables to clients of Deluxe Creative Services. The position requires a high degree of technical skill and artistic judgment.

When Should I fire my hairstylist?

Every client must be treated as an original piece of art. And that can be tiring. If you feel less than pampered and you find yourself making excuses, it’s time to cut things off for the time being. Everyone runs late, but if your hairdresser can’t stay on schedule you may have no choice but to move on.

What hair colors are considered professional?

Generally, only natural hair colors—blond, brown, black, natural red and gray—are acceptable at most workplaces, but this depends on the company culture. Views at Workplace: 1.

What is a colorist in cosmetology?

A colorist has an extensive knowledge of the technicalities of hair color, depth and tone, and works with a range of techniques including permanent, semi-permanent and highlighting. They discuss with their clients what will suit them, and work with hair stylists to create a cut and color that compliment each other.

What does Redken Elite mean?

REDKEN ELITE SALON. Being a Redken Elite Salon is a huge honor and achievement for Platinum & Company. This means that we uphold the highest Redken standards of consultation, service and sales. We are one of only 200 salons in the world that have this distinction.