How do you capture Latios in soul silver?

How do you capture Latios in soul silver?

Talk to Steven and he will tell you to give the Enigma Stone to the Scientist. The scientist will give Soul Dew. Go outside and Latias (SS) or Latios (HG) will be there. Then battle the Pokémon!

Can Latios and Latias mega evolve?

Once you’ve caught Latios or Latias, you’ll need to stock up on Mega Energy to Mega Evolve them. You can earn Mega Energy by defeating them in Mega Raids – and the faster you beat them, the more you’ll get.

How many people take down mega Latios?

Keep in mind that Mega Latios and Mega Latias will be more powerful than their standard forms, so you’ll need to team up with at least six or seven other high-level players to defeat the Mega legendary Pokemon.

Is Mega Latios or Latias better?

Latias & Latios are a pair and as such have similar stats with a few differences. In short, Latias has better Defense while Latios has better Offense. The stats for both Pokemon are as follows.

What level is Latios in Soul Silver?

#380 Latias & #381 Latios – WiFi Event Once you receive the item and leave the Museum, Steven will stop you and tell you that Latios or Latias (depending on your game; Latios in HeartGold & Latias in SoulSilver) have arrived angrily. They will sit in Pewter City and you can challenge them. They are at Level 40.

How do I get the Enigma Stone without the event?

Even if you haven’t beaten the Elite Four, you can still enable Wi-Fi for your DS and download the Enigma Stone. Just go to the main menu (where you choose to load your game or start a new game) and go down to “Mystery Gift”. Select “Nintendo WFC” and you’ll unlock the stone!

How do you get arceus in Soul Silver?

Get the National Pokedex.

  1. To unlock this on Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, you’ll need to complete two tasks: beat the Elite Four and see all 150 Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokedex.
  2. To unlock this on HeartGold and SoulSilver, you’ll need to complete two tasks: beat the Elite Four and capture 60 Pokémon from the Pokedex.

Is Mega Latios better than Latias?

With more Defense, a Pokemon can take more hits. By looking at the Spread of the Stats, Latias has a more even Stat distribution than Latios. Run a few tests and on average, Latias will win more than Latios. Let’s consider the Mega Evolved stats of the two.

How many trainers does it take to beat mega Latias?

Mega Latias is a Dragon and Psychic type Mega Legendary Raid boss. Optimal raid counters will be Ice, Bug, Dark, Ghost, Fairy and Dragon. Depending on your levels and counters, we would recommend 6 – 8 Trainers who are high level, and more if you don’t have optimal teams.

What mega to use against mega Latios?

Reshiram. Reshiram, the Legendary mascot of Pokémon Black, is another great counter for Mega Latios. It’s a Dragon and Fire type, so it resists Grass type damage, while Dragon type moves hit for super effective damage. Like Zekrom, it’s also had very limited availability, so you may not have the Candy to power it up.

Where is the copycat girl in soul silver?

Saffron City
HeartGold and SoulSilver, Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Let’s Go, Eevee! Copycat (Japanese: モノマネむすめ Mimic Girl) lives in Saffron City. She collects Pokémon dolls, and likes to dress up as and mimic others. Copycat is not her real name, but rather her nickname.

What level is latios in SoulSilver?

Can you still get the Enigma Stone?

Who beats mega Latios?

Mega Latias and Mega Latios weaknesses and counters The two Legendary Eon Pokémon share the dual-type Dragon/Psychic which makes them both weak to Bug, Ghost, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy attacks, giving players plenty of supereffective options to choose from.