How do you conjugate Suonare?

How do you conjugate Suonare?

Verb conjugation of “suonare” in Italian

  1. io suono. tu suoni.
  2. egli suonava. noi abbiamo suonato.
  3. voi suonerete.
  4. essi suonerebbero.
  5. Congiuntivo.

What’s is the English term for Suonare?

telephone When you ring someone, you telephone them.

Is Suonare regular or irregular?

The Italian verb suonare means to play (an instrument), or to perform, ring, chime or strike. It is a regular first conjugation Italian verb; it can also be a transitive verb, which takes a direct object, or an intransitive verb, which does not take a direct object.

What is the Italian conjugation of dare?

Dare is an Italian regular are verb meaning to give….Dare Conjugation: Present Tense.

io do
lui/lei da
noi diamo
voi date
loro dano

How do you conjugate Frequentare in Italian?

Verb conjugation of “frequentare” in Italian

  1. io frequento. tu frequenti.
  2. egli frequentava. noi abbiamo frequentato.
  3. voi frequenterete.
  4. essi frequenterebbero.
  5. Congiuntivo.

What is the difference between Giocare and Suonare?

What’s the difference? Giocare suggests the idea of being involved in a game (un gioco) individually or in a group. It is used when it comes to sports too. Suonare means to produce a sound and it is often used with reference to playing instruments.

How do you conjugate Dormire in Italian?

Dormire is an Italian verb meaning “to sleep,” “to be asleep,” “to spend the night,” or “to lie dormant.” It is a regular third-conjugation Italian verb….SUBJUNCTIVE/CONGIUNTIVO.

lui, lei, Lei abbia dormito
noi abbiamo dormito
voi abbiate dormito
loro, Loro abbiano dormito

What are the ISC verbs in Italian?

Common -ire verbs with -isc-

aborrire* to abhor
dimagrire to lose weight
distribuire to distribute
fallire to fail
favorire to favor; to promote

How do you say I give in Italian?

These verbs do not follow the regular conjugation patterns of the Italian ARE verbs and thus will be looked at separately here….Below is the present tense conjugation of the irregular Italian ARE verbs fare, dare & stare.

Subject Pronoun Dare conjugated English
Io Do I give
Tu Dai You give
Lui/Lei He/She gives

How do you conjugate Scaricare in Italian?

Verb conjugation of “scaricare” in Italian

  1. io scarico. tu scarichi.
  2. egli scaricava. noi abbiamo scaricato.
  3. voi scaricherete.
  4. essi scaricherebbero.
  5. Congiuntivo.

How do you conjugate Dimenticare in Italian?

Verb conjugation of “dimenticare” in Italian

  1. io dimentico. tu dimentichi.
  2. egli dimenticava. noi abbiamo dimenticato.
  3. voi dimenticherete.
  4. essi dimenticherebbero.
  5. Congiuntivo.

Is Giocare regular?

Giocare is an Italian regular are verb meaning to play.

Is Dormire essere or avere?

For example, other verbs that require avere are: parlare, dormire, ballare, camminare, viaggiare, telefonare.