How do you edit bugs in Bugzilla?

How do you edit bugs in Bugzilla?

Click on the edit hyperlink of a particular field, that field will display as editable and the user can edit the field accordingly. After the editing is done, click on Save Changes button, which is on the top right hand corner of the page as shown in the screenshot below.

How do I use Bugzilla?

How to use Simple search option in Bugzilla

  1. Click on “Simple Search” button.
  2. Choose the status of the Bug – choose Open if you are looking the bug in Open status and closed for bug in closed status.
  3. Choose your category and component, and you can also put keywords related to your bug.
  4. Click on the search.

How do I generate a report in Bugzilla?

Step 1 − Click on the Reports link in the header of the homepage. Step 2 − Bugzilla displays the Reporting and Charting Kitchen page. It has two sections to generate different type of reports – Tabular Reports and Graphical Reports. Search − It will navigate the user to the standard search page.

How do you solve Bugzilla bug?

3.1. 6. Filing Bugs

  1. Go to Landfill in your browser and click Enter a new bug report.
  2. Select a product – any one will do.
  3. Fill in the fields. Bugzilla should have made reasonable guesses, based upon your browser, for the “Platform” and “OS” drop-down boxes.
  4. Select “Commit” and send in your bug report.

How do you log bugs in Bugzilla?

How to Login and Create a Bug Report in Bugzilla Effortlessly?

  1. You can login into an existing account or create a new account in Bugzilla. From the main menu, choose New Account or Log in option.
  2. Provide User ID and Password. Click on ‘Log in’ to log into Bugzilla.
  3. You are now logged into Bugzilla.

Which of the following are features of Bugzilla?


  • Advanced Search Capabilities.
  • Email Notifications Controlled By User Preferences.
  • Bug Lists in Multiple Formats (Atom, iCal, etc.)
  • Scheduled Reports (Daily, Weekly, Hourly, etc.) by Email.
  • Reports and Charts.
  • Automatic Duplicate Bug Detection.
  • File/Modify Bugs By Email.
  • Time Tracking.

What is Bugzilla What are Bugzilla features?

Bugzilla is a web-based general-purpose bug tracking system and testing tool originally developed and used by the Mozilla project, and licensed under the Mozilla Public License. Bugzilla. Buggie, the mascot of Bugzilla. Screenshot. Bugzilla in action on

Which of the following are the features of Bugzilla?

How do you write a bug report in Bugzilla?

How to report a bug

  1. Create a Bugzilla account if you don’t have one already, select the product having the bug.
  2. Enter a clear unique summary as described below; check if the bug has already been reported.
  3. Provide precise steps to reproduce, expected results and actual results as described in the following section.

Is Bugzilla bug tracking tool?

Updated and maintained by the Mozilla Foundation, Bugzilla is an open source bug tracking tool that allows development and testing teams to track bug fixes and code changes in projects like software and app development and deployment.

Is Bugzilla a defect tracking tool?

Bugzilla is a defect/bug tracking tool. Defect tracking systems allow developers and testers to track all the outstanding defects. Bugzilla can be linked to other testing tools like JIRA, QC or ALM, etc. Bugzilla is developed in Perl and runs on an MYSQL server.

Is Bugzilla still developed?

The last official release of Bugzilla was published even before that: on February 9th, 2019. So it appears to me that the project dies a slow death – caused by the community that has migrated away to other bug trackers. And as sad as this seems, it is not a very surprising fact.

Why should we use Bugzilla?

Requesting the creation of a Bugzilla account ensures that all comments added by developers or other contributors will reach the original reporter. This is also useful for informing the reporter about any changes in the status of the bug report, such as when a patch is supplied or when the bug is fixed.

Is Bugzilla end of life?

With this release, Bugzilla 4.2 is now end-of-lifed.

What is difference between Jira and Bugzilla?

JIRA is a tool created by Australian Company Atlassian. It is used for bug tracking, issue tracking, moreover project management. Bugzilla is a web-based bug tracking program created by the Mozilla Foundation. The program is used to maintain track of Mozilla’s projects, including the Firefox web browser.

How do you write a description of a bug?

  1. Title/Bug ID. The title should provide a quick description of the bug.
  2. Environment. A bug can appear in a particular environment and not others.
  3. Steps to Reproduce a Bug.
  4. Expected Result.
  5. Actual Result.
  6. Visual Proof of Bug.
  7. Bug Severity.

How do you write a bug report example?

How to Write a Good Bug Report? Tips and Tricks

  1. #1) Bug Number/id.
  2. #2) Bug Title.
  3. #3) Priority.
  4. #4) Platform/Environment.
  5. #5) Description.
  6. #6) Steps to Reproduce.
  7. #7) Expected and Actual Result.
  8. #8) Screenshot.

Is Bugzilla still supported?

Currently supported database systems are MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQLite. Bugzilla is usually installed on Linux using the Apache HTTP Server, but any web server that supports CGI such as Lighttpd, Hiawatha, Cherokee can be used.

Who still uses Bugzilla?

14 companies reportedly use Bugzilla in their tech stacks, including Wikipedia, Mozilla, and Broadcom.

  • Wikipedia.
  • Mozilla.
  • Broadcom.
  • Grooveshark.
  • Xamarin.
  • Tech I Used Over …
  • Selligent Marketing …
  • Red Hat.

Can you edit long descriptions in Bugzilla?

This one appears to have been fixed for a VERY long time. If someone puts the “bug” keyword in, or simply a number that is a valid bug, Bugzilla flags it. You can edit long descriptions (summaries) at will.

Is the code in edit comments part of Bugzilla?

To be absolutely clear, the code in EditComments is part of The next major release of Bugzilla is going to be based entirely on the code that runs, including EditComments. Using EditComments is precisely the behavior that the nascent Bugzilla 6 will have.

What’s going on with Bugzilla?

The database is being reorganized a bit. Instead of the Bugzilla product, a new Webtools product has been created, with Bugzilla being a component of it. This bug is being moved from the old Bugzilla product to the new Webtools product.

Is it possible to edit the description of a bug?

2) Over the lifetime of the bug, the initial description may need to be updated to better describe the actual bug. In the case of this bug, a more accurate description is “A bug’s long description is not editable.” The fact that the long description is stored as a comment is not relevant to the user.