How do you fix the swimming glitch in Battlefield 4?

How do you fix the swimming glitch in Battlefield 4?

Pressing Alt and Tab at the same time will result in the PC jumping from Battlefield 4 to the desktop. Immediately executing the same duel key input again prompts the game to re-appear, but players will likely be able to swim against the current now and then regroup with their squadmates to beat the mission.

Why is Battlefield 4 swimming bug?

Along the way you need to go through a lower deck, which is beneath water. To do so, you must swim underwater and navigate to the appropriate location. Problem: You start to swim and then get stuck. If you stop your forward progression, you are pushed backwards.

How do you get back to the USS Valkyrie in Battlefield 4?

Throw your boat against the front of the Valkyrie and pray that you clip through the entire ship and end up in the back where you’re supposed to. That’s what I did and for some reason it actually worked.

What is South China Sea in Battlefield 4?

South China Sea is the third mission of the Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode, and really the first mission that takes you out to sea to engage in battles on a couple different ships. Unfortunately, this mission is one with a lot of bugs, but can be completed.

How many pages are in the Battlefield 4 walkthrough?

This Battlefield 4 walkthrough is divided into 7 total pages. You can jump to nearby pages of the game using the links above. You will start off in a ship. Your first objective is to find Irish. Head down the hallway and make your way through the rest of the ship to the marked spot on the mini-map.

How do I beat the Chinese ship?

The Chinese attack the ship with helicopters, wounding Kovic in the process. There’s no time to help him, so equip your Stingers and take down the incoming enemy choppers. If they do manage to deploy additional ground forces, take them out.

How do I beat the Chinese soldiers in the DCC?

As you exit the DCC, you run into a room full of Chinese soldiers. Move into the room and work your way forward along the right side. Toss grenades to thin them out and pick off the remaining bad guys with your primary weapon.