How do you freeze sandeel?

How do you freeze sandeel?

Re: advise on freezing sand eels. Dont know if youre a bit late for catching them, but pack them in 10 to 15 eels per bag in sealable plastic bags and get them into the freezer as soon as possible. If possible spread them out so none of the packs are on top of each other to ensure quicker freezing.

What is a Pennel rig?

The pennel rig is a two hook snood used to present a large bait and has the advantage of having a hook at the top and bottom of the bait. The bottom hook of the pennel is normally larger than the top one but both should be strong hooks to cope with large fish.

What is a rotten bottom rig?

The idea behind the rotten bottom rig is that when a fish is hooked over rough ground you will be able to both land the fish and if need be loose the lead without losing a fish or losing the whole rig at the same time.

How long should a Pennel rig be?

2ft to 6ft
The length of the main body of the pulley rig can be anything from 2ft to 6ft depending upon the length of the hook snood required. Begin by tying a lead link at the end of a 3ft length of 60lb+ mono. Then slide on a bead and the large swivel or a Fox Pulley swivel (shown in our diagram) that connects to the mainline.

Are Savage Gear lures any good?

The finish of both hardbody lures is of great quality, withstanding the teeth of some big NSW Central Coast tailor during testing. Retailing at $15.99, the first cast of these lures is sure to impress serious anglers all over the country, I know it did for me.

How do you fish a sand eel?

Sand eel baits are softer plastic than larger Hogy’s. This gives them a tight quiver action through the water even when fished at slow speed. You can fish them with Barbarian Hooks or Jig Heads, but I think they produce best with Classic Weighted Swimbait hooks. I like the 1/0 0.2oz Classic for 4.5″ eels and 3/0-4/0 .