How do you get Magus to join your party?

How do you get Magus to join your party?

Magus in the Party He can be recruited anytime after defeating the Blackbird. He is found in North Cape (meeting him is still an essential part of the story).

Can you get Magus after fighting him?

After defeating the Blackbird […] if Frog [or the Party] refuse [to fight Magus], Magus will join the party. For that playthrough only. You should be able to recruit him again on the next go through.

Where is Magus Chrono Trigger?

Magus’ Lair (or Magus’s Lair) is the home of Magus in Chrono Trigger. It exists in 600 A.D. and is the only thing that stands on the Central continent of the World Map, besides the eastern entrance to the Magic Cave.

How do you get to Magus Castle?

To reach Magus, we first have to traverse the Magic Cave, which is located due east of Fiona’s Villa, northeast of Frog’s forest home. The Magic Cave is a brief, one room dungeon that is easy enough to traverse.

Does Magus have double techs?

Magus, battle wise, works well independently and his Moveset reflects this. The only tech he has that helps his party is Barrier, which is best used on someone like Robo or Ayla. He is the only character that does not have any Double Techs (one of his main drawbacks).

Is Magus worth using?

Magus is very strong, but outside of a few items will never share techs with other characters, which may influence your decision. I’ve done both countless times, but I prefer now to let Frog have his revenge. Magus is strong and a formidable force in battle. But, he is by no means necessary.

Is Magus a guile?

Guile has green eyes. Being Magus and having his genetic ability for magic explains Guile’s status as the rising star of the Magic Guild.

What happened to Magus after Chrono Trigger?

Crono and Marle are killed by Dalton, Lucca is kidnapped and killed by Lynx, Robo is killed by FATE, and Frog and Ayla return to their own times and presumably live out the remainder of their natural lives.

How do you get to Magus lair?

Where is Magus located?

Is Glenn A Frog?

Glenn, better known as Frog, is a character from Chrono Trigger. He wields a Broadsword, and uses his abilities as a frog in battle. His manner of speech is very archaic, much like the speech in the actual middle ages.

Is magil Magus radical dreamers?

Magus is Magil in Radical Dreamers, somehow having discovered Schala’s reincarnation in Kid and having made his way to the modern era. He adopted a human appearance, charming and mysterious personality, and a refined air and carriage.

Is guile a magus?

How old is Magus in Chrono Trigger?

around 30
‘Chrono Trigger’ Boss Battles – 11 – Magus

Home Area Zeal / Fiendlord’s Keep / North Cape
Age Indeterminate, most likely around 30 (Magus) Around 10 (Janus)
Weapon Type Scythe
Magical Element Shadow

Who is the best character in Chrono Trigger?

Crono. When it comes to the best Chrono Trigger characters, no one really holds a candle to the main character, Crono, which is great because he’s required in your party for most of the game.