How do you get titles in Transformice?

How do you get titles in Transformice?

To manage your title, type /title in-game in the chat box to see a list of titles you have unlocked so far. Each title has a number after the /title command which is used to change your title to the desired one. To do this, type /title [number], for example /title 0 to change your title to “Little Mouse”.

Where is Transformice server?

Currently, all servers are physically located in France by the same hosting provider.

How do you do Transformice?

The purpose of the game is simple : you have to pick up the cheese and bring it back to the hole where you and your fellow mice will be able to enjoy it. The more cheese you recover, the more titles you’ll earn. Each cheese you bring back will also add one more cheese to the shop.

What does the Apple do in transformice?

Apple is a skill in the Spiritual Guide skill tree. Apples allow the shaman to spawn within a small radius of it. For each skill point you allocate into the Apple skill, you can spawn one apple.

Is transformice adventures Cancelled?

Thank you all so much for the words of encouragement after the campaign cancellation ❤️ We know it was a hard news to take!

Can I play transformice on Mac?

Minimum: OS: Mac OS X 10.6.

How do you get divine mode in transformice?

Divine mode is a shaman mode released on 26 May 2014, in V1. 159. After saving a total of at least 5000 mice in normal mode, and at least 2,000 saves earned in hard mode, this mode will be unlocked.

Where can I play transformice?

Transformice – Play Transformice online at

What type of game is transformice?

MMO platformer
Transformice on Steam. Transformice is an MMO platformer about dozens of mice running to bring back the cheese!

How do you get hard mode on transformice?

After a mouse first hits 1,000 mice saved, they need to restart the game for them to unlock hard mode as a setting. To turn on hard mode, you must select the feather icon next to the emotes in the game’s user interface.

How do you play shaman in transformice?

At the start of each round, the mouse with the highest score is chosen to become the shaman (if a tie one is chosen at random). A mouse gains points by bringing cheese to the hole, once for every round completed.