How do you get to the Special Stage in Sonic 3D Blast?

How do you get to the Special Stage in Sonic 3D Blast?

To access those special stages the player has to find either Tails or Knuckles in the regular levels, and touch the characters while carrying at least 50 rings. Note that the ring count is set back to zero when entering a special stage.

How do you get Special Stage in Sonic the Hedgehog?

To get to Sonic’s Special Stage you normally have to finish a level with more than 50 rings and then jump through the giant spinning ring that appears! Sonic must then traverse a rotating maze to collect the Chaos Emerald at the center.

How many stages are in Sonic 3D Blast?

The game features seven main Zones, each divided into two Acts and a third, shorter Act with a boss fight. The main objective of Sonic 3D Blast is to beat the aforementioned Acts in the least amount of time possible.

What happens when you get all Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 3D Blast?

As with previous games, Sonic 3D Blast includes “special stages”, in which the player collects Chaos Emeralds. Obtaining all seven Emeralds allows the player to play the final boss battle and discover the true ending of the game.

What does knuckles do in Sonic 3D Blast?

Knuckles and give him 50 rings to be teleported to the second bonus stage. the end with at least 100 rings total to get the next Chaos Emerald. you get is a free life when trying to do it, but the stage is the exact stage. in order to save your five Flickies and proceed to the next area.

How many Chaos Emeralds are there in Sonic 3D Blast?

Collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds lets the player access The Final Fight and see the good ending of the game.

Is there 7 Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 1?

The only way to enter this Special Stage is by activating the Level Select code, edit the Chaos Emerald count from six to seven and then enter to the Special Stage from the Level Select menu. Collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds in the re-release enables the Super State of Sonic, Knuckles and even Tails.

Which version of Sonic 3d Blast is better?

Overall though, the Saturn version does look a bit better than the Genesis version regardless, if ever so slightly. Sound/Music: The music is a big turning point between the two games, as the soundtracks are entirely different.

Can you save in Sonic 3D Blast?

Sonic 3D Blast Director’s Cut Adds game saving via a password system. Adds new Time Challenge mode and level editor.

Which version of Sonic 3D Blast is better?

Is there an 8th chaos emerald?

Eggman Nega, a genius, yet evil alchemist, created his own eighth Chaos Emerald that consist purely of negative Chaos Energy. Doing so had a serious effect on Mystic disabling his potential with Chaos Energy, unable to use the Chaos Emerald for even standard abilities.

How do you turn into Super Sonic?

To activate Super Sonic, you will first need to collect 50 or more Rings. Once you have done this double tap the Jump button to active Super Sonic! Super Sonic will slowly use up rings to remain in his Super state, and will revert back to regular Sonic once he uses up all the rings you have.