How do you make cauliflower curry in north Indian style?

How do you make cauliflower curry in north Indian style?


  1. 12 Cauliflower (gobi) , cut to clorets.
  2. 2-1/2 tablespoons Mustard oil , (adjust as per need)
  3. 1 Bay leaf (tej patta)
  4. 1 teaspoon Ginger Garlic Paste.
  5. 2 teaspoons Water.
  6. 1 cup Onion , finely chopped.
  7. 1 cup Water.
  8. 1/4 teaspoon Garam masala powder.

What is Kali Gobi?

Peppery and creamy, cauliflower florets cooked in the flavors of pepper, cream, tomatoes and ginger.

How do you clean Gobi flowers?

How to Clean Cauliflower in 6 Steps

  1. Break the cauliflower into smaller pieces.
  2. Rinse the cauliflower florets.
  3. Prepare a blanching station.
  4. Add the florets to the boiling water.
  5. Transfer the cauliflower to the ice water.
  6. Dry and use or store your cauliflower.

How do you make cauliflower gravy dry?


  1. Cut the caulifower into uniform medium size florets.
  2. Marinate it with salt, turmeric powder and chilli powder (listed under marination).
  3. Slice onions.
  4. Add turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder and garam masala.
  5. Once tomatoes are cooked, add 2 tbsp water to the gravy.
  6. Adjust salt in the gravy.

How do you use aachi Gobi Manchurian Masala?

After washing in plain water, blanch in warm water for 5 minutes. Take out the florets from warm water and keep aside. Add 20 ml water to the 20g of “Aachi Gobi Manchurian Masala”, mix well into thick batter. Add cauliflower florets, mix well and leave for 5 minutes.

Is cauliflower man made or natural?

Wild mustard selected for its bigger stems became kohlrabi, the ones with small heads became brussels sprouts, and the ones with big flowers became broccoli and cauliflower.

What happens if you eat cauliflower worms?

Tapeworms are hugely found in cauliflower and cabbage and if it enters our body, it can even cause brain disease. Doctors claim that tapeworms or larvae can be a major reason for serious injury to the brain. The infection caused by tapeworms is called taeniasis.

How long do you soak cauliflower in salt water?

Pro tip: If you are concerned about critters such as worms and insects hanging out in your organic cauliflower, soak the head in salt water for 30 minutes before cooking. This will remove and kill any unintended protein sources. After soaking, rinse with the head with cool water.

Is Gobi heat or cold for body?

Foods such as onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower and sprouts should find a place on your plate, as they serve to cool your body from within while providing the daily quota of nutrition.

How do you make cauliflower and potato curry?


  1. 1 head cauliflower, cut into 1-inch florets.
  2. 3 potatoes, peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks.
  3. 1 tablespoon olive oil.
  4. 1 teaspoon cumin seeds.
  5. 2 tomatoes, diced.
  6. 1 onion, chopped.
  7. 1 teaspoon salt.
  8. 1 teaspoon curry powder.

Is cauliflower as healthy as broccoli?

Broccoli and cauliflower contain many of the same nutrients, but broccoli has more of them, Kuhn says. “Overall, that makes it a healthier choice,” Kuhn says. However, cauliflower is also a healthy veggie that’s low in calories, high in fiber and packed with nutrients.

What is Phool Gobhi masala recipe?

Phool Gobi or Cauliflower is one of our favourite vegetable for winter and for a spicy alternative you may always try to make like punjabi restaurant style preparation. Restaurant Style Phool Gobhi Masala Recipe is a semi dry popular vegetarian recipe that pairs well with rice and roti speaks enough for North Indian tasty cuisine.

What to do with Gobi Gobi?

Another innovative way to use gobi is to make Gobi Manchurian recipe, an Indo- Chinese fusion dish. To give certain volume and thickness to a soup, you can add cauliflower to it and blend it, for example in this Lettuce and Cauliflower soup or if you can you can just make a plain and simple Cauliflower soup which tastes creamy and earthy.

What is the difference between Gobi methi and Shahi Gobhi?

Gobi methi is made with methi leaves, garlic and garam masala while Shahi Gobhi is served with a gravy of tomatoes, onions, cardamom and cloves. On similar lines, you can add paneer to shahi gobhi and turn it into Cauliflower Paneer subzi.