How do you reset a TI 15 calculator?

How do you reset a TI 15 calculator?

Resetting the TI.15 Pressing − and ” simultaneously or pressing ‡, selecting RESET, selecting Y (yes), and then pressing ® resets the calculator.

Is ti 15 a scientific calculator?

The Texas Instruments TI-15 Explorer scientific calculator supports battery and solar power and features a user-friendly display, color-coded keys and an impact-resistant cover that can stand up to the daily routine of students.

How do you get OP1 off a TI 15 calculator?

To clear the contents of Op1 or Op2, press $$, select Op1 or Op2, and press . Then press to return to the last result display.

How do you get OP2 off a TI 15 calculator?

Press  . Press Down  twice. The selection OP1 OP2 is displayed. This lets you select to clear OP1 or OP2.

How do I turn off OP1 on my TI 15?

What does e mean on calculator?

From: A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather at If a number is too big or too small to fit in a calculator display, often, scientific notation using the letter E (or e) for exponent (power or index) will be used.

What does the AC button mean on a calculator?

All Clear
AC stands for All Clear. AC clears the calculator and resets any functions. This clears the calculator and resets all functions. The memory has to be cleared by pressing Min after AC. CE, which is seen in some calculators stands for Clear Entry which erases the last entry you have keyed in.

How do you clean a calculator?

Solution 19191: Graphing Calculator Care and Storage. You may use an “electronic equipment cleaning wipe” to clean a calculator’s screen, keypad, or back. Do not attempt to clean the inside of any ports. Never use solvents or other cleaning liquids. Never use solvents or other cleaning liquids.

WHAT DOES MR and MC mean on a calculator?

Calculator Use Memory and clear functions for this standard calculator are listed below. mc = Memory Clear. m+ = Memory Plus. m- = Memory Minus. mr = Memory Recall.