How do you spell JUSH?

How do you spell JUSH?

The word jush means … you know, you fixin’ somebody up, like “Let me jush you up before you go out there. That’s what it means—that’s the the old school. Old-school jush—a verb—is usually spelled zhuzh (or zhush, jusj, zhuzh, tszuj, or zhoosh).

Is Zhuzh a real word?

Zhuzh (also spelled zhoosh) as a verb means “to make (something) more lively, interesting, and stylish.” It is a fairly recent slang term, first appearing in the mid-1960s in gay communities in the U.K. in the sense “to improve the look of one’s clothing or outfit”; its current, more general sense dates from the mid- …

Where did the term kibosh come from?

To “put the kibosh” on something means to stop an activity. “Kibosh” is believed to come from the Arabic word “qurbāsh,” referring to a whip used for punishment. Have you ever heard someone say they were going to “put the kibosh” on something?

How do you spell Tzush?

I’ve been spelling it Z-H-U-Z-H, but Merriam-Webster notes that it’s also been spelled Z-H-O-O-S-H. That’s how it’s spelled in the OED, which also lists alternative spellings Z-H-U-S-H, J-O-O-Z-H, and Z-H-O-O-Z-H.

What does zoosh mean?

UK informal (also zhoozh, zhoosh) /ʒʊʒ/ uk. /ʒʊʒ/ to make something more interesting or attractive by changing it slightly or adding something to it: The stylist said he would zhuzh up the outfit with a hat.

How do you spell shoosh?

“Shoosh.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster,

What does Zhuzh it up mean?

to make (something) more lively and interesting, stylish, or appealing, as by a small change or addition (usually followed by up): These colorful throw pillows are an easy way to zhuzh up your living room. noun.

What does kibosh mean?

A checking or restraining element
kibosh (uncountable) (slang) A checking or restraining element. Only used in put the kibosh on and put on the kibosh. quotations ▼ (slang, dated) Nonsense, bosh. [

What does Sposh mean?

soft slushy mud
Definition of sposh dialectal. : soft slushy mud or snow.

What does Shooshing mean?

shooshing. Shoosh: Sound made when something is moving past or moving away. Slang- to tell someone to get away, often accompanied with a motioning of the hand instructing someone to move away.

Is kibosh a Yiddish?

The origin of kibosh is unknown — though many people think it’s Yiddish, the word’s earliest use was probably in an Irish neighborhood in London in the early 1800s.

What is the history of the word kibosh?

J. Peter Maher traces kibosh to French caboche “head (informal), noodle, nut” or rather the English verb cabosh (from French) “to cut off a stag’s head behind the ears (with no part of the neck in view) as a trophy.” Both the noun and the verb are common terms in heraldry.

Where did the word kibosh come from?

How do you use kibosh in a sentence?

Kibosh in a Sentence 🔉

  1. After realizing that the newly hired butler had a background in stealing, the rich homeowner put the kibosh on his employment immediately.
  2. The strict and grouchy neighbor would always put the kibosh on any fun the neighborhood kids had by stealing their toys and refusing to give them back.

What is Primaveral?

: of or relating to early spring took full advantage of the primaveral weather — Time.

What does a scoach mean?

adjective. In a short while. Soon. “I have to take this call. I call you back in a scoach.”