How do you teach diversity in middle school?

How do you teach diversity in middle school?

Chain of Diversity On each, the student should write down one way he or she is similar to other people in the class and one way he or she is different from other people in the class. After completing this, students should be encouraged to share what they have written and then use each strip to be a link in a chain.

What can schools do to promote diversity?

7 ways to encourage a culture of diversity in your school

  • Re-evaluate your teaching materials.
  • Get to know your students.
  • Be willing to address inequality.
  • Connect with families and community.
  • Meet diverse learning needs.
  • Hire diversely.
  • Support professional development opportunities.

What are DEI initiatives in schools?

DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and is an important topic in all industries today—including HigherEd. Many organizations consider DEI a priority when it comes to recruiting and hiring, advancement, and strategic decision-making.

How would you make a school a diversity inclusive environment?

5 inclusivity practises to consider

  1. Create a supportive, respectful environment: promote diversity and fairness.
  2. Have high expectations of all your students.
  3. Create a supportive peer culture both inside and outside the classroom.
  4. Plan learning which includes participation from everyone and encourages success.

How do you promote diversity in the classroom?

How do you Manage Diversity in the Classroom?

  1. Get to Know Your Students.
  2. Maintain Consistent Communication.
  3. Acknowledge and Respect Every Student.
  4. Practice Cultural Sensitivity.
  5. Incorporate Diversity in the Lesson Plan.
  6. Give Students Freedom and Flexibility.

What are some DEI topics?

Here are some of the most common topics addressed in DEI training:

  • Unconscious and implicit bias.
  • The meaning of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Stereotyping.
  • Reducing prejudice.
  • Cultural awareness and belonging.
  • Addressing microaggressions.
  • Anti-harassment.

What are 3 ways to promote inclusion?

3 Ways To Promote Inclusivity In The Classroom

  1. Offer a Diverse Library. Learning tools come in all shapes, sizes, and colors – including books.
  2. Include Diverse Content, Materials, and Ideas.
  3. Support.

What are some diversity activities?

15 Team-Building Activities to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

  • Draw a Diversity Flower.
  • Host a Happy Hour.
  • Plan a Heritage Potluck.
  • Make Sushi Together.
  • Start a Book Club.
  • Try the Privilege Walk.
  • Establish a Gender-Neutral Jar.
  • Volunteer in the Community.

How do we celebrate diversity in the classroom?

Ways to Celebrate Cultural Diversity

  1. Cultural Dress Show and Tell. Have your students find pictures of different items of clothing that people wear in different cultures and groups.
  2. Host a Multicultural Day.
  3. Have a World Music Dance Party.
  4. Create a Classroom Collage.
  5. Make Global Friends.

How do you teach students to diverse in the classroom?

What are diversity activities?

Diversity activities are a way to cultivate solidarity among a group of people who may not (at first) have anything in common and foster a sense of community in the workplace.