How do you use mane and Main in a sentence?

How do you use mane and Main in a sentence?

Mane sentence example

  1. The tiger has no mane , but in old males the hair on the cheeks is rather long and spreading.
  2. She grabbed a handful of the Bay’s mane and swung to the ground.
  3. The mane and tail should be silky and devoid of curl, which is a sign of impurity.

What is the difference between main and mane?

To summarize, ‘main’ means something that is the largest or most important. A mane is long, thick hair.

How do you use Main in a sentence?

Use “main” in a sentence | “main” sentence examples

  1. A novel is a mirror walking along a main road.
  2. The main dangers in this life are the people who want to change everything — or nothing.
  3. Voters have a choice between three main political parties.
  4. I told him my main reservation about his film was the ending.

What is a good sentence for mane?

1 She shook her mane of auburn hair. 2 She spent ages braiding her horse’s mane. 3 Angry animals erect the mane. 4 The horse tossed its flowing mane behind it.

How do you remember Main and mane?

To keep the three terms separate, remember that a “fountain” connects to a water main, that a mane is on an “animal,” and that the water off the coast of Maine is “saline” (salty). Here are some examples of these homophones in action: The protestors’ main request was for the city to reduce funding for its police force.

How do you spell mane like the main character?

A mane is the long, flowing hair that grows along the neck of a horse, lion or other furred animal. Mane may also refer to a person’s hair if it is long and thick. Mane comes from the Old English word manu, meaning mane.

What is the main use?

main use means the principal purpose of, or activity in a building, other structure, or land. main use means the principal or primary activity for which land or buildings are designed, arranged or intended, or for which land or buildings are occupied or maintained.

What is this word Main?

1 : chief, principal the main idea. 2 : fully exerted : sheer main force by main strength. 3 obsolete : of or relating to a broad expanse (as of sea) 4 : connected with or located near the mainmast or mainsail. 5 : expressing the chief predication in a complex sentence the main clause.

What is a mane?

Definition of mane 1 : long and heavy hair growing about the neck and head of some mammals (such as horses and lions) 2 : long heavy hair on a person’s head.

What is a main person?

Definition of main man 1 : best male friend. 2 : a man whose character or work is most admired. 3 : most significant or important person also : chief sense 2.

What is the main advantage of producing a written research project?

Helps keep people employed. Informs all interested parties. Helps with credibility. Informs all interested parties.

Which function is necessary to exist in each & every program?

The correct answer is OPTION 3: main(). For each function, there is a return type.

What is an example of a main?

The definition of a main is a primary line used for distributing water, gas and electricity. An example of a main is an underground pipe that brings water to a building. The principal pipe or conduit in a system for conveying water, gas, oil, or other utility.

What is a main on a horse?

On horses, the mane is the hair that grows from the top of the neck of a horse or other equine, reaching from the poll to the withers, and includes the forelock or foretop. It is thicker and coarser than the rest of the horse’s coat, and naturally grows to roughly cover the neck.

What is the mane of a lion?

Mane (lion), the mane of the adult male lion, the fur around its face.

What is a main girl?

“A main girl would be the girlfriend or the person that the guy’s in love with. The girl in the video [who I portray] or, in the song the person talking, would be the mistress or someone the guy is having a side relationship with.”

What is a main man?

Why is it important to write a research proposal before undertaking research activities?

Writing the research proposal is very important before actual conducting of any research. Because research is a team work and you have opinion of others if it is in written form. Research Proposal is used for finalization of a research plan after presentation and discussion before research committee or board.

Why is main function special?

Answer: The main function is special because it is entry point for program execution. It plays the role of door in a house. Similarly, main function is important and compulsory as execution starts from here.