How does Meet Mobile work?

How does Meet Mobile work?

The Meet Mobile application (app) displays meet results in real time as Meet Manager receives data from the timer (one heat at a time). This app has the ability to display heat sheets, psych sheets, records, team scores, and time standards.

What is Meet Mobile app?

ACTIVE Network’s Meet Mobile transforms the swim meet experience for fans, swimmers, coaches and meet hosts alike. From the largest national qualifying trials in the country to the smallest swim meets, get access to meet programs from all over the world, including heat sheets, psych sheets and real-time results.

Who owns Meet Mobile?

In 2020, The Meet Group was acquired by ProSiebenSat. 1 Media with a parent company, ParshipMeet Group, being formed to manage both The Meet Group and Parship.

Is Meet Mobile app free?

Downloading the app is free. However, to access results for all meets you must pay a fee (approximately $6.99). This will allow you to receive results at all meets that use meet mobile for the entire year. Purchasing the meet program is an in-‐app purchase and is only good for one device.

Does Meet Mobile have family sharing?

Technically Meet Mobile doesn’t support family share on iOS or Android. The only workaround to give your family member temporary access to results is to let them log into Apple App Store/Google Play Store with your subscribed account and then download the App.

Why is Meet Mobile not updating?

Users can only view the results of event whose status is showing as Completed. If event status is showing as Not Started, it means the meet host doesn’t upload results; if event status is showing as In Progress, it means the meet host is uploading the results but doesn’t finish.

When was Meet Mobile created?


Support URL: Active Network, LLC Support
Developer Website: Active Network, LLC
Country Release Date: 03/02/2011
Worldwide Release Date: 03/02/2011
Most Popular Country: US

How much is MeetMe worth?

$500 million
New Hope-based dating site MeetMe gets hooked up with German firm for $500M. Owners of the EHarmony online dating service have agreed to buy New Hope-based Meet Group, its smartphone dating apps, and video and advertising software, for $500 million, or $6.30 a share.

How much is Meet Mobile per year?

The cost of this subscription is planned to be $1.99 per month or $5.99 per year. This is a major breakaway from where most mainstream sports currently reside within the Internet ecosphere. Every single other mainstream and/or major sport provides open and free access to the most basic levels of results access.

What does NS mean on Meet Mobile?

The Meet Announcement would list NFT times for boys and girls in each event. NS (No Swim) – In results, NS indicates that the swimmer did not compete in the event.

Does Google Meet work on Android 10?

As per several reports from the Google Support community, users running Android 10 tablets are unable to install the latest Google Meet update from the Play Store. What is this? Google Meet version 45 does not include several features like breakout rooms, raise hand, and more.

Can I share meet mobile subscription?

Do you get paid on MeetMe?

You can make money by streaming with us and recruiting other people to join you! Our top streamers earn over $100 per hour. Start streaming and referring live streamers to earn money and build a social following. Apply to be in the MeetMe ambassador program.

Who is the CEO of MeetMe?

Geoff Cook – Co-Founder
Geoff Cook – Co-Founder & CEO @ MeetMe – Crunchbase Person Profile.

Can I share Meet Mobile subscription?

How do I subscribe to Meet Mobile?

Reactivate Meet Mobile Subscription on New Phone

  1. Ensure your new phone is using the same Apple ID as your previous phone.
  2. Download latest version of Meet Mobile.
  3. Launch Meet Mobile.
  4. On home screen click More.

What does DFS mean in meet mobile?

Pending the meet procedure either the coach or swimmer may request the declared false start. A declared false start still counts against the number of events a swimmer may swim in a meet.

What does im mean in swimming?

individual medley event
You’ll here the shorthand “IM” used often during the Olympics. It’s an abbreviation for the individual medley event in swimming, in which swimmers use all four competitive strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, in that order.

Why is Google Meet not compatible with my device?

The error message “Google Meet is not compatible with this device” indicates you’re running an outdated OS version that doesn’t meet Google Meet’s system requirements. As a quick fix, update your OS and try to download Meet again.

Why can’t I join Google Meet on my phone?

Conclusion. If you can’t join Google Meet video calls, update Chrome, disable your browser extensions and clear the cache. Then check your date and time settings and make sure they’re correct. Additionally, generating a new Meet link could do the trick.