How far is Dhanbad to Bokaro?

How far is Dhanbad to Bokaro?

The Distance between Dhanbad to Bokaro by road is 39KM. The aerial distance from Dhanbad to Bokaro is 32KM.

How many km Tata to Dhanbad?

170 Kms
Distance Between Tatanagar to Dhanbad

Distance between Tatanagar to Dhanbad by Road is 170 Kms
Distance between Tatanagar to Dhanbad by Flight is 113 Kms
Travel Time from Tatanagar to Dhanbad by Road is 4:54 hrs
Nearest Airport in Tatanagar Birsa Munda Airport (22.8, 86.2)

Is Dhanbad near Kolkata?

The Distance between Kolkata to Dhanbad by road is 273KM.

What is the distance to Dhanbad and Kolkata?

273 Kms
Distance Between Dhanbad to Kolkata

Distance between Dhanbad to Kolkata by Road is 273 Kms
Distance between Dhanbad to Kolkata by Flight is 240 Kms
Travel Time from Dhanbad to Kolkata by Road is 4:19 hrs
Nearest Airport in Dhanbad Birsa Munda Airport (23.8, 86.43)

How far is Jamshedpur from Tata?

Distance between Tatanagar and Jamshedpur The driving distance or the travel distance between Tatanagar to Jamshedpur is 11 KM and 948 meters. The mile based, road distance between these two travel point is 7.4 miles.

How can I go Ranchi to Tata?

Ranchi To Tatanagar Trains

  1. RNC HWH SPL#02896. Departs on:SMTWTFS. 7:00 AM RNCRANCHI. 3h50m213 kms. 10:50 AMTATATATANAGAR JN.
  2. RNC HWH SPL#02803. Departs on:SMTWTFS. 9:40 PM RNCRANCHI. 3h45m167 kms. 1:25 AMTATATATANAGAR JN.
  3. NDLS BBS SPL#02824. Departs on:SMTWTFS. 8:27 AM MURIMURI. 2h13m99 kms. 10:40 AMTATATATANAGAR JN.

How can I reach Deoghar from Kolkata?

From Kolkata to deoghar, the cheapest train is 53049 Hwh Mka Pas. To travel from Kolkata to deoghar, the train takes 7hr 20min. The train departs from Kolkata HWH at 23:10:00 and arrives in deoghar CNDN at 06:30:00. This train runs on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Is tatanagar and Jamshedpur same?

Jamshedpur (/ˈdʒæmʃɛdpʊər/, Hindi: [dʒəmˈʃeːdpʊr] ( listen)) or Tatanagar is the largest and most populous city in Jharkhand and first planned industrial city in India. It was ranked as the cleanest city of India in the year 2019. It was founded by Jamsetji Tata, founder of the Tata Group, and was named after him.

Why Dhanbad is famous?

Dhanbad, also commonly known as the Coal Capital of India, is the most expansive city in Jharkhand. This city is renowned for its coal industries and factories, and is one of the most successful commercial areas across India.

How can I reach baidyanath?

the nearest airport is Ranchi. Take a cab from there. Babadham is placed in north-eastern Jharkhand, four miles from Jasidih railway station on the main route of the Eastern Railway from Howrah to Delhi. There is a tiny railway branch line from Jasidih to Babadham.

Why is Deoghar famous?

Religious Significance Deoghar, also known as Baidyanath Dham, is an important Hindu pilgrimage site. It is one of the twelve and also one of the 51 , and is famous for the mela of Shrawan, 4th month according to the Hindu calendar system.

Why is Jamshedpur called Mini Mumbai?

Jamshedpur has influence on Hindi, and Bengali. Many films have been shot and based in the city and it is also called “Mini Mumbai” because of a great cinema culture and producing many film and television artists.

What is the capital of Jharkhand?

RanchiJharkhand / Capital

Is Mobile allowed in baidyanath Temple?

Although cameras are allowed inside the temple, but it is strongly recommended to leave all electronic gadgets like cameras & mobiles in your hotel room itself. Even carrying wallets is not advisable.