How fast can a Honda VTX 1300 go?

How fast can a Honda VTX 1300 go?

Honda VTX Series

VTX1800T Tourer model
Manufacturer Honda
Top speed 125 mph (201 km/h) (measured)
Power 90 hp (67 kW) at 5,200 rpm (meas.)
Torque 98.9 ft⋅lb (134.1 N⋅m) at 2.850 rpm (meas.)

What size tires are on a 2006 Honda VTX 1300?

Honda VTX1300 Tyre Size The original model runs a 140/80/17 front tyre and a 170/80/15 rear tyre. You can click the links above to see all the different tyre options for this bike.

Where should you install your saddle bag?

For saddle bags or boxes: These compartments must not be installed higher than the seat of a motorcycle or scooter. The size of custom-made saddle bags must not exceed 14 inches from the side. They must also not protrude from the tail end of the motorcycle or scooter.

What kind of oil does a Honda VTX 1300 take?

4 Quarts of Honda GN4 10W-40 4-Stroke Motorcylce Oil.

How can I improve my saddlebags?

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Why do my saddlebags hurt?

Pain in the saddle region may be due to problems with the pelvic floor muscles, often referred to as pelvic floor dysfunction. The muscles may be too weak or too active. If they are too active, known as a “hypertonic pelvic floor” then strengthening exercises may not be the best approach.

What should be the length of saddle bag for motorcycle?

For compliance, the bags must be securely attached to the motorcycle and must not be higher than the seat of the motorcycle or scooter. The bags should not exceed fourteen (14} inches from the sides and length must not exceed the tail end of the motorcycle or scooter.

What bike did Harley sue Honda over?

Honda Shadow ACE
The Honda Shadow ACE was so similar that Harley actually sued them over the look and even the sound. Harley-Davidson owns the American cruiser market. In the 1990s, Harley was the only game in town, since Victory wasn’t around yet and the Indian brand was in between owners.