How is French Christmas different?

How is French Christmas different?

In many countries, families gather and give gifts on Christmas Day. But French people tend to exchange gifts on the night of Christmas Eve (le réveillon (de Noël)), rather than on Christmas Day (Noël/le jour de Noël), although kids do often get their presents from le Pere Noël on Christmas morning.

What are some fun facts about Christmas in France?

10 Facts about Christmas in France

  • The traditional Christmas meal eaten on Christmas Eve can last up to 6 hours.
  • Some French people enjoy 13 desserts after their main meal.
  • The Eve of St.
  • Saint Nicholas has a helper who decides who’s been naughty and nice.
  • Many families go to the circus around Christmas.

How do the French decorate their Christmas trees?

Traditionally the tree would be decorated with ribbons and candles with a star placed on the very top. French children place shoes under the tree instead of hanging up a stocking hoping for Santa (Père noël) to fill them with presents.

Does France have a Christmas tree?

A universal Christmas tradition in France! However, most French households have their French Christmas tree set up by about 15 December and street decorations are usually up from the first Sunday of Advent.

What is the main Christmas meal in France called?

Le Réveillon
In France, the main celebratory Christmas meal is enjoyed on Christmas Eve (December 24th) – not Christmas Day. It is in fact called “Le Réveillon” – which translates to the idea of staying up all night for the arrival of the “Père Noël” (Santa Claus).

What do the French call Santa?

Père Noël
Santa Claus is called Père Noël in French or Father Christmas. Small children may also call him Papa Noël or Daddy Christmas.

What are 3 French traditions?

The French celebrate the traditional Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter. They mark May Day, also known as Labor Day, on May 1. Victory in Europe Day on May 8 commemorates the end of hostilities in Europe in World War II. Bastille Day is celebrated on July 14.

What gifts does France give on Christmas?

10 beautiful French gifts to give this Christmas

  • Wool in Provence. © Claire Curt — Find natural warmth with these “Yaka” throws, woven from fine, soft yak hair.
  • Leather in Burgundy.
  • Crystal in Alsace.
  • Wax in Vendée.
  • Recycled Cardboard in Paris.
  • Porcelain in Limoges.
  • Metal in Dordogne.
  • Soap in Marseille.

What food is eaten at Christmas in France?

The dishes that make a real French Christmas feast


What do the French eat for Xmas dinner?

Just like turkey is to Thanksgiving, a French Christmas main dish is almost always a large roasted “dinde” (turkey). A French Christmas turkey is traditionally made with a chestnut stuffing, and served with roasted potatoes, chestnuts and sometimes cooked apples around it.

Do the French put up Christmas trees?

Many people in France put up a Christmas tree, visit a special church service, eat an elaborate meal and open gifts on Christmas Eve. Other activities include swimming in a park, participating in city life and sharing a meal with family and close friends.

What do French do on Christmas Eve?

The traditional Christmas church service is held on Christmas Eve in France. It’s known as the Midnight Mass and it usually begins at midnight or a few hours before. People come together in cathedrals and churches across the country to pray and sing carols (known as Chants de Noël).

What is the most important tradition in France?

The 14th of July, or Bastille Day is easily one of the most celebrated French traditions. This is the French National Holiday, or the equivalent of Independence Day in many other countries. Bastille Day refers to the storming of the Bastille on July 14th, 1789.