How large is the trunk in a Prius?

How large is the trunk in a Prius?

27.4 cubic feet
The Toyota Prius comes with a standard 27.4 cubic feet of trunk space. Considering that the average suitcase is about 4 cubic feet, you can easily fit six to seven of them behind the rear seats. With the rear seats folded down, usable space increases to 50.7 cubic feet.

How much weight can you put in the back of a Prius?

Last night I had 5 people including me inside my car and literally they all were upwards of 300 pounds each.

How much luggage can a Prius hold?

The Toyota Prius is a hatchback that has 27.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats and 50.7 cubic feet with the second row folded down. Those figures are excellent for the hybrid and electric car class.

What Prius has the largest cargo capacity?

The 2021 Toyota Prius model has the most cargo space of any Toyota car with up to 50.7 cubic feet of storage room.

How much weight can a 2005 Prius carry?

905 lbs2005 Toyota Prius / Payload

How much weight can you put in a 2008 Prius?

Payload Capacity – 863 lb Payload is considered all the extra stuff you put inside your vehicle, whether it be passengers or a pile of rocks, that weight is all considered payload.

Does a Prius have a lot of space?

There’s plenty of cargo room inside this vehicle, as well. It comes standard with 24.6 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats. While impressive, if you upgrade to a higher trim level, you’ll get 27.4 cubic feet of cargo room. Either way, you’ll have lots of space for shopping bags, camping gear, and other items.

What size mattress fits in the back of a Prius?

The mattress is 75″ long x 39′ wide x 8″ thick. Rear passenger seats, headrests removed & tilted forward. Front seats pushed forward all the way. When sleeping in the Prius, I typically kept the car running in Park with the air conditioning/heater set at about 78 degrees.

How big is the back of a Prius with seats down?

50.7 cubic feet
The Prius comes standard with 27.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the back row and 50.7 cubic feet with the 60/40-split-folding rear seats folded down. In LE trims and models with all-wheel drive, space behind the rear seats shrinks to 24.6 cubic feet.

How long is the bed of a Prius?

Can you haul a trailer with a Prius?

Yes, you can tow a small trailer with a Prius. The 2015 and onwards Toyota Prius models have a towing capacity of 725 kilograms/1,598 lbs, which makes it capable of towing a lightweight caravan or small camper.

Can a Prius haul a camper?

How many pounds can a car trunk hold?

The payload specifies how much-combined weight your car can handle, and the figure includes both passengers and any cargo. Overall, that means if you have five people in your car (each weighing around 150 pounds each), you can carry between 100 and 170 pounds of cargo in the trunk (or elsewhere).

Can you lay down in the back of a Prius?

Its secret weapon to being able to sleep comfortably in the Prius is that the rear seats fold forward to be nearly completely flat. The front seats also slide forward quite far to give even more space to the rear. This allows enough space for two people to sleep full length, as long as they’re around 6’0 or under.

Can a twin mattress fit in Prius?

I just fit my entire twin sized bed (frame, mattress, sheets) in my Prius, I love this car!! : r/prius.

Can I sleep in the back of a Prius?

Do Toyota Prius seats fold flat?

There’s even a fold-flat front passenger seat to help you slide in longer items, plus under-floor storage, umbrella holder, and side panel storage. The available dual-panel panoramic view moonroof opens up your ride to the sky above.