How many branches does Apna Bank have?

How many branches does Apna Bank have?

The Bank has been operating at national level in Pakistan with 127 business locations comprising of 116 branches and 11 service centers in operation.

Who is the owner of Apna Bank?

. Muhammad Akram Shahid
Corporate Information

CHAIRMAN/DIRECTOR Mr. Muhammad Akram Shahid
DIRECTOR Mr. Imad Mohammad Tahir Mr. Muhammad Saleem Shaikh Mr. Muhammad Asghar Mr. Syed Rahat Ali Shah Mr. Javaid Sadiq Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan Ms. Parveen Akhter Malik

How can I get loan from Apna Bank?

APNA House Loan

  1. Markup rate varies from 19% to 24% flat. Composite Insurance.
  2. Main Features of the Loans. Loan Amount Rs.
  3. Loan Sanctioning Requirements: CNIC copy with 2 Photos Copies of latest utilities Bills Two Personal guarantee from reputed account holders.
  4. Facilities: ATM Card on CD / SB Accounts.

Is Apna bank a scheduled bank?

The Reserve Bank has conferred SCHEDULED status on 23rd October 2015 to Apna Sahakari Bank Ltd. The bank has merged 3 weak Co-operative banks into its fold with all their staff and liabilities. Today Apna Bank has emerged as a strong bank with 85 branches & 71 ATMs spread across Maharashtra and Goa.

Is Apna Sahakari bank safe?

CRISIL’s has reaffirmed its rating on the short-term bank facility of Apna Sahakari Bank Limited (Apna Bank) at ‘CRISIL A3’….Rating Action.

Total Bank Loan Facilities Rated Rs.115 Crore
Short Term Rating CRISIL A3 (Reaffirmed)

How many banks are in Pakistan?

31 banks
Overview. Pakistan Banking Sector comprises Commercial Banks, Foreign Banks, Islamic Banks, Development Financial Institutions and Microfinance Banks. The Industry constitutes around 31 banks, of which five are public sector banks, 22 are private banks, and 4 are foreign banks.

How many microfinance banks are in Pakistan?

six Microfinance Banks
Presently, six Microfinance Banks are operating in the country, and a few more banks are expected to be licensed in the near future. Besides the formal MFBs there are about 100 NGO- MFIs engaged in provision of micro credit to the poor.

How can I check my balance in Apna Bank?

Enter your debit card number and generate secure banking PIN. Select Balance Check option. Enter your banking PIN. Your Apna Sahakari account balance will be displayed on the screen.

Which bank give loan to pensioners in Pakistan?

U Microfinance Bank Limited
U Microfinance Bank Limited offers loan facility of up to PKR 350,000 for pensioners (Government & Semi Government). The loan can fund personal and business needs.

Is khushhali a Government bank?

Founded in the year 2000, Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited (formerly known as Khushhalibank Limited) was a part of the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Poverty Reduction Strategy and its Microfinance Sector Development Program (MSDP).

How can I register for Apna Sahakari mobile banking?

How to register for Apna Sahakari Bank mobile banking services:

  1. Download Cointab app for Android or iPhone.
  2. Install app using mobile number which is registered in your Apna Sahakari Bank account.
  3. Select Apna Sahakari Bank for bank account registration.

Who is best bank in Pakistan?

List of Top 6 Banks in Pakistan

  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • National Bank of Pakistan.
  • Meezan Bank.
  • Bank Alfalah.
  • MCB Bank.
  • United Bank Limited.

Which is the largest microfinance bank in Pakistan?

Mobilink Microfinance Bank Ltd. is the largest digital bank in Pakistan with more than 31 million registered users, including 14 million active monthly digital wallets.

Which microfinance bank is best in Pakistan?

Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited (KMBL)
Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited (KMBL) has been awarded “The Best Microfinance Bank of Pakistan” for the third consecutive time by Institute of Bankers Pakistan.

Who is Ghalib Nishtar?

Ghalib Nishtar is the founding President of Khushhali Microfinance Bank, Pakistan’s largest microfinance bank. He is regarded as a pioneer microfinance banker of Pakistan’s burgeoning microfinance industry.

Is Apna Sahakari Bank safe?

How can I check my balance in Apna bank?