How many California Community Colleges are there?

How many California Community Colleges are there?

116 colleges
WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGES With 1.8 million students attending 116 colleges, our mission is to provide students with the knowledge and background necessary to compete in today’s economy.

What is the biggest community college in California?

The largest community college in California is East Los Angeles College with 36,885 students.

Does California have community colleges?

The California Community Colleges system consists of 116 colleges, with a large number of additional campus centers and classrooms throughout the state.

Is Santa Monica College a community college?

Santa Monica College – a two-year community college accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges – opened in 1929 with just 153 students. It has now grown to a thriving campus with approximately 34,000 students and offerings in more than 80 fields of study.

What community college has the highest transfer rate to UCLA?

The upshot: Santa Monica College is the No. 1 source of transfers to UCLA, each year sending 400 to 500 students to Westwood. In all more than 100 California community colleges send transfer students to UCLA.

Are California Community Colleges free?

Are all community colleges free in California? No. If you meet income standards and other requirements, community college can be tuition-free. However, not all community colleges take part in the California College Promise program, and not all students qualify for waivers and grants.

Are CA community colleges free?

Is CSUN a community college?

California State University, Northridge (CSUN /ˈsiːsʌn/ or Cal State Northridge) is a public university in the Northridge neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Which state has best community colleges?

Best Community College Systems

Overall Rank (1 = Best) State State
1 Hawaii Missouri
2 Wyoming Montana
3 Washington Kansas
4 Maryland Georgia