How many days is enough for Estonia?

How many days is enough for Estonia?

If you want to get the most out of Estonia and see all that you can, we recommend that you spend about 10 days in the country. This will allow you to explore the biggest cities and really get a feel for the unique culture of this beautiful Baltic nation.

What is the best month to visit Estonia?

May through to the end of August is the best time to visit Estonia if you want to make the most of its Baltic beaches, inland lakes and offshore islands. Winter has a magical charm of its own though, with fairytale forests covered in snow.

Is Estonia cheap to visit?

While it might not be the cheapest destination to travel, Estonia’s proximity to popular European capitals, low-cost accommodations and cuisine, and stunning nature at its doorstep makes it the perfect destination for budget-friendly travel.

Is Estonia Tourist friendly?

Estonia is pretty safe to travel to. Its crime rates are mostly low, and though there are areas to avoid, pickpockets, mugging or other types of assault are not common. However, the capital city of Tallinn can get a bit dangerous, like any other major city.

How many days do you need to see Tallinn?

Tallinn really is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, and is the perfect place for a city break. So I suggest you spend at least 3 nights there! You could spend more, but no less or you’ll miss out on all the best things to do in Tallinn.

What is the best time to visit Tallinn?

The best time to visit Tallinn is May-June While Tallinn is a popular destination to visit all year round, May-June is the ideal time to go due to a number of factors such as the climate, cost of travel and accommodation, as well as avoiding peak holiday periods.

What do I need to know before traveling to Estonia?

10 Interesting Tallinn tips you need to know before you go

  • Private space is important.
  • Black or Grey are in.
  • Never show your anger.
  • Estonians are proud of their country.
  • Estonians are tech savvy.
  • Public transport is a great way to get around.
  • Don’t eat in the old town.
  • Spend time actively.

Is Tallinn safe at night?

Tallinn is very safe. I walked quite a bit outside of Old Town at night and late at night (including from the ferry dock at night) and wasn’t any issues at all. One of the more safest cities… tallinn is very safe.

What do Estonians eat for breakfast?

Breakfast. Breakfast in Estonia is usually composed of bread, cold meat, and cheese, often eaten together as a sandwich. Some Estonians also eat porridge made from groats and potatoes. The black rye bread that is eaten daily in Estonia is heavy and hearty, and, like many Estonian cheeses, may contain small seeds.

What is the national drink of Estonia?

It has little alcohol and very tasty – Picture of Vanaema Juures, Tallinn.

Can you see the Northern Lights in Tallinn?

The nearest aurora spot I found near the Estonian capital of Tallinn is Paljassaare. Paljassaare is a peninsula north of Tallinn, with views across Tallinn Bay toward Finland.

Which is the most beautiful country in the Europe?

Most-scenic countries in Europe

  • Italy. No place can beat the sweeping romance of Tuscany, the spellbinding beauty of the Amalfi Coast, the rich history of Rome and Florence’s inestimable Renaissance art!
  • Finland. There couldn’t be a more magical place than Finland!
  • Austria.
  • Turkey.
  • Switzerland.
  • Scotland.
  • Norway.
  • Greece.

What is the best thing about travelling to Estonia?

The best thing about travelling to Estonia is, the country is affordable for visitors and does not add to your debts. Among the many places to visit in Estonia, the largest and most visited city is Tallinn. Apart from which, there are many other places that one needs to see when in Estonia.

Where to go sailing in Estonia?

Overlooking Pärnu Bay is the resort city of Pärnu. It makes for a perfect jumping-off point for anyone wanting to do any sailing while in Estonia. Divided by the Pärnu River, the city is known for its 19th-century timber villas as well as the relaxing beaches of Pärnu Bay.

What is the best way to travel Tallinn?

The train network mostly connects Tallinn with the cities of Tartu and Narva, with international trains travelling through to St Petersburg and Moscow in Russia. The buses on the other hand cover the width and breadth of the country and provide great value for money.