How many founders does Sigma Gamma Rho have?

How many founders does Sigma Gamma Rho have?

seven founders
Since Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. is the first predominately African-American sorority founded on a predominately White campus our seven founders struggled to make sure that Sigma Gamma Rho was a unique sorority. Sigma Gamma Rho has become an international service organization comprised of women of every profession.

Who wrote SGRho sorority pledge?

Mary Lou Little
The first three years were devoted to organizing. The first call for a national boule (convention) was held in Indianapolis, December 27-29, 1925. The second was held in Louisville, Kentucky at which time Fannie O’Bannon became the grand basileus. The first grand basileus, Mary Lou Little, wrote the sorority pledge.

How much does it cost to be a Sigma Gamma Rho?

Application Fee $25.00
Induction fees
Alumnae Induction fee $625.00
Undergraduate Induction fee $465.00

Is Sigma Gamma Rho a black sorority?

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. (SGRho), one of the four college sororities for African American women, was founded by seven public school teachers at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 12, 1922.

How many AKA founders are there?

16 founders
Nine juniors and seniors who constituted the initial core group of founding members and seven sophomores who were extended an invitation for membership without initiation comprised what are acknowledged as Alpha Kappa Alpha’s original 16 founders.

Who is the brother fraternity to Delta Sigma Theta?

Omega Psi Phi
Omega Psi Phi is the unofficial brother organization of Delta Sigma Theta and was founded in 1911 at Howard University.

Why do Sigma Gamma Rho carry canes?

Sigma Gamma Rhos probably carry canes to signify the “Indiana Love” connection between them and Kappa Alpha Psi. In many parts of the country, they are brother-sister groups. Most greek-letter organizations use canes/staffs as paraphenalia. They are as commonplace as paddles.