How many lumens is a 600 watt metal halide?

How many lumens is a 600 watt metal halide?

The ViaVolt 600-watt Metal Halide light bulb is a high-quality bulb with a high output. Great for using as a grow light. The color temperature for this light is rated at 7200k and gives off 58,000 lumens.

What is a light wattage of metal halide?

Metal halide (MH) lamps are available in low, mid-range, and high wattages from 35 to 2000 watts (W). Mid-wattage MH lamps range from 175 to 400 W. All major lamp manufacturers offer MH lamps in this range, commonly in wattages of 175, 200, 225, 250, 300, 320, 350, 360, and 400.

Can you replace a metal halide bulb with an LED bulb?

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology advancements now allow you to retrofit your metal halide lamps with a simple bulb change. LEDs can give you comparable lumens at a fraction of the energy cost. They are also longer-lived and show a lower reduction of performance over their service life.

How many lumens is a 600 watt HPS?

600 Watt High Intensity LED Light – 78,000 Lumens – 120-277V AC – High Mast Lighting – Outdoor Rated.

What is the best metal halide bulb for growing?

HORTILUX Metal Halide lamps are specially designed to provide the spectral energy required for beginning stages of plant growth. HORTILUX Metal Halide out performs most grow lamps because of high initial light intensity and consistent output of the exclusive EYE HORTILUX spectrum.

What is the best 600w HPS bulb for flowering?

600w 230v HPS Grow Lamp Shootout – We find the Best 600w HPS Bulb…

  • Philips Master GreenPower Son-T PIA CG-T.
  • Gavita Enhanced.
  • Sylvania Grolux.
  • Sunmaster Deluxe.
  • Sol Digital.
  • Street Light (discontinued)
  • Omega (discontinued)
  • Lumii Black (discontinued)

What can I replace a metal halide bulb with?

A 400 watt metal halide bulb can be replaced with a 200 watt LED. A 100 watt metal halide can be replaced with a 50 watt LED. Implementing an LED replacement program should result in a 50% reduction in annual energy use (kWh) costs.

How many plants can you grow under a 600 watt HPS?

Sixteen plants
Sixteen plants that are grown under a 600-watt HPS lamp could produce about 37.5 grams or 1.3 oz of marijuana per plant. Under perfect, outdoor conditions, you can expect yields to extend to 500 grams or 17.5 oz per plant.

WHAT LED is equivalent to a 600W HPS?

For example, the US-made Platinum P450 274W LED grow light (which is listed as equivalent to a 600W HPS) offers 11 bands ranging from ultraviolet to infrared.

Is 600 watt HPS good for growing?

600W HPS Grow Setup (For Hobbyist Growers) The 600W HPS is one of the most powerful and efficient setups you can buy to grow your own cannabis at home. Although the technology behind it is archaic, there’s no denying the high-yielding, high-potency power of the might 600W HPS.

What area will a 600W grow light cover?

1.2m x 1.2m
Each 600W grow light covers roughly a 1.2m x 1.2m area. That’s enough space for 1 – 4 plants.

How many square feet does a 600 watt HPS light cover?

600-Watt HPS grow lights are the most efficient HPS grow lamp. 600W HPS grow lights produce more light output per Watt used than other wattages and cover around 36 square feet.

What’s better HPS or metal halide?

HPS is about twice as electrically efficient as metal halide. Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) is what really matters to plant growth, and delivery of usable PAR is better with HPS than metal halide. The enhanced blue in metal halide does not lead to increased plant growth compared to HPS in the “veg” stage.

Is metal halide brighter than LED?

However, even more to the point, LEDs retain at least 70% of their initial lumens throughout the duration of their lifespan. At approximately 100,000 hours, that means an LED not only stays brighter longer, it also lasts three to five times as long as a metal halide version.

When should I change my metal halide bulbs?

Metal Halide lights have an better lifespan relative to old technology like incandescent lights but they have a short lifespan compared to LED. Typical lifespan values range from 6,000 hours to 15,000 hours before a bulb requires replacement.

Can I put a metal halide bulb in a regular socket?

This is why a metal halide bulb will not work in a standard household lighting fixture — aside from the fact that the larger E39 base will not fit. Similarly, a standard incandescent bulb would never be able to withstand the ballast voltage in a metal halide fixture.