How many points scored in Rugby World Cup?

How many points scored in Rugby World Cup?


Characteristic Points scored
Rugby World Cup 2019 190
Rugby World Cup 2015 133
Rugby World Cup 2011 149
Rugby World Cup 2007 140

What was the score in the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

The tournament was won by New Zealand, who defeated France 8–7 in the final. The defending champions, South Africa, were eliminated by Australia 11–9 in the quarter-finals.

What was the final score in the 2003 Rugby World Cup?

Ten years ago, on 22 November 2003, England won the rugby union World Cup, thanks to Jonny Wilkinson’s drop-goal just 26 seconds from the end. BBC Sport looks back at that breathtaking moment, when Wilkinson’s kick sealed a 20-17 extra-time victory over Australia at the Telstra Stadium in Sydney.

What is the highest rugby league score ever?

The most points scored by an individual player in a National Rugby League season is 342 by Hazem El Masri (Lebanon) in 2004 playing for the Canterbury Bulldogs.

Who has won the Rugby League World Cup the most?

Australia has won the most Rugby League World Cup championships, with its eleventh coming in the 2017 tournament in Oceania, in which it defeated England….Rugby League World Cup finals.

Most wins Australia (11 titles)

Who won the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

New Zealand national rugby union team2015 Rugby World Cup / Champion

How far was Jonny Wilkinson drop goal?

There were just 26 seconds left on the clock when Wilkinson kicked a right-footed drop goal to clinch a 20-17 victory and deliver England their first World Cup triumph.

What is the lowest score in rugby league?

rlno1. Only time in Australia it happened was in 1982 between Canterbury and Newtown before that it was 1-0 in 1973 between St. George and Newtown.

Who won the 2013 Rugby League World Cup?

Australia won the tournament, beating New Zealand 34–2 in the final to lift the trophy for the tenth time. In terms of attendance, exposure and revenue, the 2013 tournament is considered the most successful Rugby League World Cup to date. Representatives of the game with the trophy at Leeds Central Library.

Are the Kangaroos the 2013 rugby league world champions?

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When was the 2012 Rugby League World Cup match schedule announced?

The match schedule was announced on 22 March 2012. The Rugby League International Federation announced the kickoff times of the matches, with the opening kickoff to be held on 26 October in Cardiff, at 14:30 local time.

How many countries were in the rugby league World Cup?

Fourteen teams contested the tournament: Australia, England, New Zealand, Samoa, Wales, Fiji, France, Papua New Guinea, Ireland, Scotland, Tonga, Cook Islands, Italy and the United States. The latter two were competing in the Rugby League World Cup for the first time. New Zealand were the defending champions, having defeated Australia in 2008.