How many songs does Guitar Hero 1 have?

How many songs does Guitar Hero 1 have?

47 songs
The game features a total of 47 songs.

What’s that one song from Guitar Hero?

Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses. Probably the most popular song on Guitar Hero as far as lyrics and playability. This classic rock song settles in as an encore song, perfectly rounding out the setlist.

What is the most popular Guitar Hero?

Vote up all your favorite releases over the years, and vote down all the games that didn’t rock.

  1. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Photo: Activision.
  2. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Photo: Activision.
  3. Guitar Hero II.
  4. Guitar Hero World Tour.
  5. Guitar Hero: Metallica.
  6. Guitar Hero 5.
  7. Guitar Hero.
  8. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

How many guitar heros are there?

There are currently four games in the series, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II (for PS2 and Xbox 360), and Guitar Hero III.

What Guitar Hero game has the best setlist?

1. Guitar Hero II: This was also probably the game I put the most amount of time into. Besides Yes We Can and Red Lottery, this setlist is perfect.

What is the longest song on Guitar Hero?

It appears in and is the longest song in Guitar Hero: Metallica, at eleven minutes and eighteen seconds, and it is the second longest song in the franchise, only exceeded by the live version of “Do You Feel Like We Do” by Peter Frampton in Guitar Hero 5.

What are the best Guitar Hero songs?

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses. Guns N’ Roses represents one of the classic eras of rock n’ roll.

  • Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi is another well-known group of rock pioneers,but with a bit of a different platform.
  • Eye of the Tiger – Survivor.
  • Crazy Train – Ozzy Osborne.
  • The Devil Went Down to Georgia – The Charlie Daniels Band.
  • What are the hardest songs on Guitar Hero?

    Visions By Abnormality – Rock Band 2. A death metal song that is a nonstop barrage of music until the end.

  • Train Kept A Rollin By Aerosmith – Rock Band. Before Guitar Hero gave Aerosmith its own game,it was Rock Band that included this classic song from the legendary
  • Run To The Hills By Iron Maiden – Rock Band.
  • Which one is the best Guitar Hero?

    Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. 0% (0 votes)
  • Guitar Hero World Tour. 6.25% (2 votes)
  • Guitar Hero 5. 3.13% (1 vote)
  • Guitar Hero: Metallica. 15.63% (5 votes)
  • Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. 3.13% (1 vote)
  • Guitar Hero: Van Halen. 3.13% (1 vote)
  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. 15.63% (5 votes)
  • What are all the songs on gutair hero?

    What are all the songs on gutair hero? Guitar Hero Opening Licks Axe-Grinders Thrash and Burn Return of the Shred Fret-Burners Face Melters. All bonus songs are master tracks. Note: Artillery has since changed their name to Breaking Wheel due to the Danish thrash metal band of the same name.